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Questions re. my first Bolex

alan smith

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I've given up on finding a K-100 so, on to a non-reflex Bolex.

Some questions please -- in order of importance:


1. Arriflex Bayonet to C-mount adapter -- availability? source? -- (just missed 3 on



2. What is the magnification of the top mounted focusing tube on the H16



3. Is it possible to attach (without modification) The viewer from the H8 Reflex

for it's 20x enlargement?


4. Is there anyone who sells S16 modified film gates and sprockets for

DIY conversions? If I can't find a reasonably priced C-mount adapter then

I'll make a turret with a CA1 mount, re-centered.


TIA, alan

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Yes thanks. I communicated with them when it was posted last week.


Despite the assertion:

"Optic: smooth focusing & clean glass optic, no dust or fungus, oil-free blades." there are no focusing optics with "oil-free blades"

-- the only optics are the rear eyepiece and maybe a few lenses in the viewing tube. Anyway, the main drawback (to me) was the lack of specific focal length viewfinder optics.


Back to my questions -- so far the only source for an Arri bayonet to C-mount adapter I've found is an offer to fabricate one for cr. $300 USD. Yipes! for a $300 camera! Again, yipes!


Regardless, the heads up is appreciated. Thank you.

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Re. question 1. OK, I ordered an Arri adapter from England. I'm sure it will be very pretty.


Re. question 4. I've communicated with three 'top shelf' S16 conversion/techs. and their consensus is: ''It's (a non-reflex H16) not worth the expense." -- sniff.


Re. question 2. Best I can surmise (camera hasn't arrived yet) is that the focusing tube is cr. 6x.


Re. question 3. I'm not holding my breath on a response.


Here's an easy one for you Bolex experts: When viewed through the focusing tube, is the image 1. full frame? 2. upright but reversed side to side?


-- Again, not holding my breath.

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