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Joseph Carney

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  • 3 weeks later...

The JVC HD100 prototype had a pixel shifting capability so that it could output continous 2560 x 1440 JPEG images but this capability was later dropped in the production model. If pixel shifting were to be enabled it could output a 1080p signal but the actual resolution would be closer 900p. Also JVC has introduced a new consumer camera with an upconverted 1080p60 output but the recording is limited to 1080i. If the JVC were to record 1080p60 it would have to have a built in hard drive or memory card because the HDV specification does not support 1080p60 or 1440p24. A 1440p image could also be scaled down to 720p for the most pristine image.


Other improvements could include 720p120 recording to allow slow motion playback for fast action sports. Or even 480p240 recording. Of course it will take many years for all of these changes to be implemented

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