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Which Bolex to use??

Ashley Barron

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I'm about to work on black and white 16mm for the first time and need some advice on which camera to use.

I have the choices of:


Super 16 Bolex


And out of other makes:

Bell & Howell

Arri BL

Arri ST


Anyone have any tips on advantages and disadvantages on the above and what would be best to use? Would be greatly appreciated.



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Shucks -


well, um - a super16 Bolex can shoot reg16 also if its conversion has been done correctly so go with the super16 so you have both choices - a super16 Bolex will generally be a later model also ...


Really need more details on the cameras in question and what you plan to shoot.


You realize that Bolexes are MOS cameras ? They are noisy mofo's that mess with with your sync audio recording big time. The Arri BL for instance is BLimped (quietened down considerably) to allow for sound sync recording, something that may or may not be a deal breaker ... There are people here who know heaps about both the Arri ST and BL - get ready for some discussion!


- In the meantime and in lieu of more info get yourself a super16 Arri BL :rolleyes:



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