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Questions on this ACL


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Please take a look at this ACL and give your opinion.


S/N 10356, made in England and comes with:


1. 1-400 ft magazine


2. CP (Camera Products) Multi-speed motor


3. Angenieux viewfinder


4. Battery cable


I've never used it since I got it. It needs to be serviced.


1. Can it be converted to Super 16 and would it be worth it?


2. If I want to shoot Super 16, should I sell this camera and buy another camera? Which camera would you recommend? My budget for the whole package including a set of very good prime lenses is under $10,000.


3. How much do you think this camera (with the above aceesories) is worth?


Thanks in advance.

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Sorry I forgot to give you the link to the photos. Here it is:





The CP modified motor (or the original one for that matter) reputedly cannot keep the 400' loads running sync for more than 30 seconds, depending who you ask and the particular camera/ motor/ magazine configuration. I use mine (same motor) with 200' mags and it runs great. The guy who sold it to me claimed it kept sync with 400' loads, but I have never tried it. The rest of the gear should be OK. Orientable viefinders are nice but expensive. I bought my ACL, very much like this one, for $1650. And I had to pay for the S16 modification, which runs anywhere from $1000 to $2000 depending who does it.


My friend bought one similar to this one, except it had a heavy duty motor (keeps sync at any load) and goes up to 75 fps, S16 conversion by Bernie O'Doherty and a PL mount adapter all for $3000. That was a really good deal.


Great little cameras. I use mine a lot more often than my Aaton LTR. The size and versatility make it tough to beat. Search for ACL topics on this site, we discuss them pretty regularly, with a lot of info available elsewhere on the net as well.

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