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Help: Night/Mountain Scenes for a Documentary Reenactment


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In two days I will be shooting a documentary show on TV about a hostage taking that took place on the mountainous area here in the Philippines. I am really into a realistic lighting. For the night scenes, the hostage survivor told us that the rebels only brings with them a very small flash light. I am wondering how could I design the lighting that is very realistic yet not so dark as we know that TV has certain limitations as too how dark the lighting should be because the picture suffers in long transmission (in far away areas where cable is not accessible, grains will kill picture especially those with less details).


Any help/suggestions will be appreciated. I have few things in mind but I prefer hearing more inputs from the experts. We will be having (I think) 60KVA generator and a very limited lights. The production has a very limited budget and we are using Panasonic DVX100B.


Thanks fellows!

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