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Depth of Field Calculator

Ernie Zahn

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I've seen a few iPhone and iPod Touch apps that are DoF calculators. One of them is geared for cinematography but specifically for 16mm and 35mm. Does anyone know if it could still apply to Super8mm? It would be a great tool. Its about 2 or 3 bucks too. But I wouldn't be interested if it were not something I could use for S8.


Here's the product:



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I am pretty sure that Gillies has a an S8 dof calc. on Super8,org. Its a wigit for the mac OS so I don't know if that will cross over to an ipod.


It would be great if it could. Because I'm looking for a portable one.

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I contacted the manufacturer directly and they said that at the moment they have a version 1.1.0 in apple's hands waiting for clearance.


The new version caters for the following:


Regular 8


Super 8


Single 8




Super 16


Ultra 16




35mm spherical


35 mm anamorphic


Super 35


Red One




Standard 65 mm






Sensor 4/3?


Sensor 1?


Sensor 2/3?


Sensor 1/1.8?


Sensor 1/2?


Sensor 1/2.7?


Sensor 1/3?


Sensor 1/3.2?


Sensor 1/3.6?


Sensor 1/4?


Sensor 1/6?


CoC - 1/500 Zoll


CoC - 1/700 Zoll


CoC - 1/707 Zoll


CoC - 1/1000 Zoll


CoC - 1/1430 Zoll


CoC - 1/1500 Zoll


CoC - 1/1667 Zoll


CoC - 1/2000 Zoll


Have asked when the proposed release date....

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Confirmed, the manufacturer just sent me an e-mail as I had inquired a few weeks ago as well:





Just wanted to let you know that new version of HFD Calculator will support 8mm and super8mm format.

It is in review with Apple right now.





A good thing to keep an eye out for.

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