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Motor Mount Threads?

Anthony Schilling

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They are just plugs indeed, but they open right onto the inside of the camera. While the Bolex body is not airtight, you are exposing the mechanism to possible damage (water, etc.). Why would you want to leave them out ?




Do the small screws that fill the 4 motor mount thread holes hold anything together? Or do they just serve as plugs? I'd like to leave them out if i could-
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I did not mean to correct your answer, Bernie ! You're up there with the demi-gods of camera science in my book !


I was just answering Anthony's indirect question : why would one want to take those screws out unless to mount something else on them. But if the question is just whether they hold anything inside or can be taken out safely to plug something else in their place, than the simple answer was yours : yes indeed.





I'm in full agreement with you Boris. He simply asked if they were attached to anything, and I replied that they were not. I did not imply that they should not be in place.

Cheers, Bernie

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