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  1. Ive shot 2 of my 5 rolls but wont send out until i have 2 more ready, cant wait! Heard a rumor about the Camera for December but that's been the story all along, it's been 3 months out for 2 years running now. Probably out of my price range initially, but would also like to see a new reliable camera. Still have 2 work horse S8 cameras but not sure how long they will last. My Canon 814XLS was NOS bought it in 2005 and use it often, still like brand new with laser sharp optics. Also have a Nizo 481M I bought in 2007 that I use all the time and has never failed me. Ive had a lot of bad apples before and after Ive found those 2 cameras, so a new fresh option would be welcome at some point.
  2. I hope somebody eventually remasters old shows like Little House ect... Bad video of film has given film a bad rep, they could look so good if done right. Sad part is that old shows could look so much better than new shows on HD, but producers probably don't want to raise the expectations
  3. https://www.rippletraining.com/ This site sells online tutorials for all kinds of production, including Resolve. Resolve tutorials range from basic use to stylizing looks.
  4. I haven't used mine in 10 yrs. Stopped using it when a Canon 1014E I was using at the time would no longer advance the film with the plate in. Got to 50ft on the frame counter and the roll was still at the start when I removed it. However the same camera would advance the film without the plate in. So my assumption is that it puts extra strain on the motor, and don't want to put any added risk on my current running cameras.
  5. Last i heard it was the 3383 print stock? I think that's all that is left in 16mm. There was a 3393 print stock that was a little punchier but was discontinued
  6. I used to pick em up projectors all day long at the thrift stores for peanuts... the ones that run, a lot of times won't thread properly. I finally settled on a nice ElmoST-1200 that I put new belts in, been using for a decade. It works, but i still have to help rewind by hand. For the most part, there is no place where someone can take a film projector in for repair. You're talking about a few niche guys around the globe. I would pay $500 for a brand new reliable model. Kodachrome is not coming back as we know it because it can't. The process is too difficult and toxic, which is why it was replaced by E6. There was only one lab in the world was processing it when it died in 05. E6 Ektachrome will allow processing options all over, including at home. Bringing back an E6 has proved difficult enough, but it will happen and that's pretty amazing in itself.
  7. I've been sayin, making a new projector makes more sense than a new camera does at this point. because it could apply to anyone with old film they want to watch. Something reliable and easy to use, without the fear of burning up or chewing up family memories. The fear I would say has kept most of those reels unseen for 50 plus years, Releasing it with a new reversal Super 8 film only doubles the fun.
  8. DS8 has been without a color film since 2012. I sold my DS8 Scoopic because all you can get are Orwo or Ilford B&W stocks. A lot of hungry DS8 cameras sitting in people hands out there for some color film. If the new Ekta lives up to it's expectations, 16mm would be out of this world. I think they are playing it safe by letting independents cut and perf other formats. If bulk orders start churning out substantial 16mm or DS8 to the market, Kodak may follow suit and package it themselves?
  9. I don't think they give discounts for larger orders, but will do special orders for larger minimal quantities. I heard they will sell 35mm rolls of unperfed Ektachrome with a minimum order of $30,000. Maybe places like Spectra, John Schwind, or Wittner will order and perf 16mm, DS8, or R8?
  10. It was a few dollars cheaper. Vision2 was $15.00 when it came out in 2004, about half of what it is now. Color reversal was about $13. It would make sense for it to be cheaper since reversal is where more beginners will start.
  11. Phew, just ordered 20 rolls at the old price. Been holding out to see what kind of processing package they would bring out, almost got burned but this thread saved me. Got mostly 200T and 500T, will order 20 Ektachrome when it's released.
  12. It does good work but I think it's main advantage is portability. For the Nixon films, they brought the scanner into the facility where they were stored, instead of risking sending the historical films out for scanning. I would love to have one on my desk, but it would be more than i paid for my house. I'm installing a new 2K camera head on my Retroscan, and would be willing to take the "Pepsi Challenge" with the Kinetta... and play "find the $173,000 difference"
  13. I have a 66mm zoom ready for it, but i have a long history of shooting live music on film where camera noise doesn't come through. Syncing has always been a pain staking task. If it is quiet enough, or blimpable, Doing a sync dialog short on S8 would be a lot of fun.
  14. The sync sound and max gate are are all i'm really after apart from my existing cameras. Pro8mm is already selling rebuilt cameras with crystal sync and max gate for $2500-$3000. The Logmar was selling for $3800. How do they NOT know there is no market for 2000 cameras at that price? I sent them an email with my 2 cents and that's all there getting unless they sell it at a realistic price. https://www.pro8mm.com/collections/super-8-cameras
  15. $3000 just defies any logic. I really want this camera, I have the money, I have my own 2K scanner, but I won't buy it at this price. Now what whimsical consumer is going to jump on this? It will sort itself out one way or another.
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