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Konvas Kinor-16 cameras at Time Lapse shooting

Olex Kalynychenko

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I wish inform of users of Konvas and Kinor-16 cameras about new version of motor upgrade with Time Lapse mode of shooting.


The new version of microprocessor based controller for upgrade of Konvas motors 17EP-16 APK, 19EP-16 APK and Kinor-16 motors 29EPSS included a list of crystal sync speeds and Time Lapse mode.

The controllers have list of crystal sync speeds :

6.250 8 10 12 12.5 15 16 16.666 20 23.976 24 25 29.970 30 32 33.333 36 40 48 50 60 fps

At Time Lapse mode : The shitter 1/8s ( 0.125s) and Time of waiting of next shoot( sec )1, 2, 4,

8, 15, 30, 60, 120, 240,600 900.

The controller have electronic film counter, LCD display and show of speed of camera, result of film counting or information of Time lapse shoots.


The additional function of controller:

-The fluent (soft ) motor acceleration and soft stopping.

-Shutter Parking stops the camera each time in the viewing position.

-Manual adjust of phase of speed at run mode and manual turn of axis on low speed at stop mode.

-System of sound information, No sync Alarm, controller ready, shitter parking.


The controller can be use for upgrade of motors of other type of cameras too.

Available the controllers with variable speed mode, Arri vario speed control, crystal sync speed synthesizer.


The Arri vario VSU device can be upgrade of digital film counter and remote control functions.

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