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  1. For sell : 22 mm F2.0/T2.3 OKS-3-22-1 Konvas-2M lens housing, PL upgraded. Version-3 https://youtu.be/FH9ZujEIAp4 https://sites.google.com/site/olexservicelenses/home/lens-pl-upgrade/lomo-22-mm-f2-0t2-5-35-oks-3-22-1 - full serviced, collimated - new PL mount lens housing parts, PL mount upgrade of lens housing - focus gear 80 euros installation. - iris, focus gears - PL lens cap - 80 mm front adapter for universal lens hood systems. Internal thread M77x 0.75 -Metal front cap with numerals of lens focal length . thread M77 x 0.75 OKS-3-22-1 Konvas-2M lens housing, original edition 850 euros Service 765 euros total 1615 euros+ shipping 35 mm T2.0/F2.3 LOMO 35 OKS-11-35-1 Konvas-2M lens housing, PL upgraded. Version-3 https://sites.google.com/site/olexservicelenses/home/lens-pl-upgrade/lomo-35-mm-f2-0t2-3-35-oks-11-35-1 - full serviced, collimated - new PL mount lens housing parts, PL mount upgrade of lens housing - focus, iris gear - PL lens cap - 80 mm front adapter for universal lens hood systems. Internal thread M77x 0.75 -Metal front cap with numerals of lens focal length . thread M77 x 0.75 35 mm F2.0/T2.3 OKS-11-35-11 Konvas-2M lens housing, original edition 750 euros Service 765 euros total 1515 euros+ shipping The similar PL upgrade and re-housing can be for LOMO prime lenses: 18 mm OKS-5-18-1 22 mm OKS-3-22-1 28 mm OKS-4-28-1 28 mm OKS-7-28-1 35 mm OKS-11-35-1 50 mm OKS-1-50-1 50 mm OKS-1-50-6 75 mm OKS-6-75-1 Other lenses, to ask.
  2. Re-housing, PL mount upgrade Focus, iris cotrol gear upgrade. 80 mm front adapter for universal lens hood systems. https://sites.google.com/site/olexservicelenses/home/lens-pl-upgrade/lomo-22-mm-f2-0t2-5-35-oks-3-22-1 https://youtu.be/FH9ZujEIAp4 Available re-housing, PL upgrade 18 mm OKS-5-18-1 22 mm OKS-3-22-1 28 mm OKS-4-28-1 28 mm OKS-7-28-1 35 mm OKS-11-35-1 50 mm OKS-1-50-1 50 mm OKS-1-50-6 75 mm OKS-6-75-1 Other lenses, to ask.
  3. Hi. I do not make PL conversion of old LOMO prime lenses with OST-18 lens mount version of lens housing, because, the similar optical block can have OST-19 , Konvas-2M version of lens housing. OST-19, Konvas-2M version of lens housing better for PL upgrade. From other side, old, LOMO wide angle optical blocks have short back focal distance and can give a dimension limitation. My last PL upgrade 28 mm LOMO OKS-4-28-1
  4. The anamorphic lenses use for shooting of 35 mm movie. And can be use for 16 mm film shooting too. But, from practical side, the better to use of full finished cinema shooting anamorphic lenses,like russian 35 BAS. yes, of course, you can attach of any front anamorphic adapter. You can upgrade K-3 camera on Arri Pl lens mount and attach any cinema shooting anamorphic lenses with Pl mount. To visit of my web pages, can find a lot of information about anamorphic lenses.
  5. Russian professional Kinor-16 SX-2M camera can be good alternative Reflex system, electrical motor can be upgrade to crystal sync speed, 100 ft, 400 ft film magazines. prime lenses from 6 mm up to 300 mm, zoom lenses 7.5-75 mm, 10-100 mm, 12-120 mm.
  6. Hi guys. Foton 37-140 mm do not complex zoom lens from outside view, but, do not simply lens iniside. to viisit of my web page https://sites.google.com/site/olexservicelenses/home/spherical-zoom-lenses/37-140-mm-f3-5-foton Foton included a few finished and adjusted optical components. All this components have factury assembling and collimating and do not need touch of this optical components All other lens housing parts can be take to pieces, but, you must be sure, what you do, because, any oprtaion will destroy a zoom lens collimating. You can see a test pictures from Foton zoom lens at process of collimating and after collimating. Foton do not have technical possiblity to adjust of variator and compensator positions, but, rear optical block adjustable and front focus block adjustable too. Do not need forgey about standard procedure of flange focal distance collimating after assembling. If you have do not quality-critical condition of fungus, i recommed do not touch of zoom lens. Because, you will have high probability do not clean fungus, to receive a MC coating destroy after cleaning. The glue layer exfoliation of clued glass component can show like fungus. I will be very happy, if you see a oil dirt and oil can be clean. But, any full service of Foton and other lens ask of detailed collimating.
  7. Hi At first , need pictures from device. Can send me directly on my email olex.camera@gmail.com This is full front anamorphic part ( adapter ) with compensator components ? or front part of lens housing without anamorphic components ? If you have questions about anamorphic lenses, can ask me. If you will need service and collimating, can ask me too.
  8. Kinor-16 SX-2M -one lens mount version, Shutter disk with fixed angle. can have lenses at set: 16 OPF-1-2M 12-120 mm, wide angle 10 mm 16 OPF-1-2M 12-120 mm, with 0,75 x front attachment ( 10-100 mm ) 16 OPF-12-1 10-100 mm, wide angle 6 mm 16 OPF-12-1 10-100 mm with 0.75 x front attachment 7,5-75 mm Kinor-16 SX-3M - similar of Kinor-16 SX-2M with 16 OPF-12-1 10-100 mm zoom lens. the prime lenses can be from 6 mm up to 300 mm. can be upgrade to Arri Pl lens mount, to Super 16 film gate. The claw mechanism have registration pin. the motor can be " classic " 29EPSS, analog system of speed stabilization, 25 fps, can be re-adjust on 24 fps. Pilot Signal sync sound recorder synchronization. Can be upgrade to multi speed, crystal sync speed, with digital film counter version. Special edition can have 10EP-16 APK motor, crystal sync speed, 24/25 fps, Russian old chips electronic, complex, For crystal sync speed upgrade, " classic " 29EPSS motor better. Film magazines 30 m ( 100 ft ) and 120 m ( 400 ft ). the detailed technical information can be find on my web pages : https://sites.google.com/site/olexserviceskinor/
  9. Kinor-16 SX series of cameras - russian professional 16 mm cinema cameras. Kinor-16 SX-1M - turret version of Kinor-16 SX cameras with sert of prime lenses from 10 mm up to 75 mm lens. 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm can be at special order. Kinor-16 SX-
  10. Russian Quarz 1x8S-2 camera. Small size, small weight. mechanical, spring motor. Zoom lens. manual and auto aperture control ( ask battery ). Without batttery work mechanical aperture control. High light viewfinder. Cheap and high quality camera. The technical details on my web pages. https://sites.google.com/site/procinecameras/amateur-cinema-cameras/super-8-quarz-1x8s-2-1 As of my opinion, Quarz 1x8S-2 better from Canon 814.
  11. To agree Dom answer. Your lens have front or rear position of anamorphic components ? The anamoprhic components focusable ? or Optical schematic with compensator block ? The any, full optical schematic anamorphic prime or zoom lens included anamorphic components and spherical optical block. The spherical optical block must be collimated as of spherical lens. The anamorphic components must be collimated on horizontal and vertical axis. The anamorphic components collimating ask of special eqipments. You can find a some anamorphic lens collimating problems on https://sites.google.com/site/olexservicelenses/home you can find more information about russian LOMO anamorphic lenses too.
  12. P.S. This is great anamorphic fast zoom lens. To have modern optical schematic with front anamorphic components. That's why, the zoom lens have high speed F2.5 The front anamorphic components have fixed position and do not move at focusing or at zooming ( as opposed to LOMO square front glass anamorphic lenses ). The move a front compensator components only. The modern fast and round front glass prime anamorphic LOMO lenses have similar optical schematic with front anamorphic fixed components and mobile compensator components. To have high optical resolution: 40 mm zoom position - 70 lines per mm at center and 32 at corners 120 mm zoom position - 50 lines per mm at center and 18 at corners. If you will change zoom position from 40 mm up to 120 mm, the optical resolution will change from 70 lines per mm up to 48 lines ( distance of focusing 4 m ). The anamorphic factor 2x at center and 2,38x for 40 mm at corners and 1.95x for 120 mm at corner.
  13. I'm service, collimate of this lens. to use for my personal shooting. Can send me questions by PM.
  14. If you will have idea upgrade motor on modern microprocessor crystal sync speed control, let me know. I can upgrade a many type of motors of professional cinema cameras. I can propose a few generations of crystal sync speed controllers with service modules.
  15. Kinor-16 SX-2M and Kinor-16 SX-3M do not have difference. The difference on lens set of camera kit only. Kinor-16 SX-3M must included 16 OPF-12-1 10-100 mm zoom lens with 0.75 front wide angle attachment, and can have 6 mm super wide angle lens ( special order ). Kinor-16 SX-2M can have 16 OPF-1-2M 12-120 mm and 10 mm wide angle lens, 16 OPF-1-2M 12-120 mm with 0,75 front wide angle attachment. Kinor's can have difference list of film magazines set. This can be 30 m and 120 m film magazines. Kinor-16 - real professional cinema camera with one transport pin, one registration pin, side film clamping. Electrical motor of Kinor can be upgrade to crystal sync speed, multi speed, single frame, with digital film counter, remote control, variable speed. You can find more information about Kinor's, upgrades on my website. If you have technical questions, can send me by PM.
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