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Using the HVX + 35mm adaptor to get the "Supernatural" show look

Jacqueline Donaldson

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Hi guy & gals,


I'm gonna be using the HVX and a 35mm adaptor. I want to get the really sudued colour and really deeeeep blacks that they used in the earlier seasons of Supernatural while retaining those nice pink/dewy skin tones and I'm not sure how to do that?


Menus or lighting or a mixture of both? Or should I shoot it normal and get my post guy to create the look?


I've looked at the locations and they are pretty grey and dreary already which I guess helps, I'm gonna be messing with the white balance of the cam, I'm gonna try using some white balance cards I made that are varying shades of OFF ]white - see what happens and play with the menus which I've used a couple of times before using the B-press? etc...I have some time to play around, but if anyone has any suggestions I'd love to try 'em out.


The lighting ratio looks quite high, I've watched others play with this before but never actually metered it or done it myself...LOL...what do you think the ratio is for shots like the attached?


I haven't shot my own work for over a year and I'm feeling a bit skittish!


I love the lighting on that show, I've been looking for more tech info on how the DP achieves the look, but can't really find anything online. I'd love to read anything that anyone has come across on it.



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