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s 270 compare to z7

Robert Gardner

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hi all,


i just had a quick question.

i am struggeling between the z7 and the s270. has anyone shot on both?

i am thinking of purchasing one of them but am totally convinced of either of them.

my heart lies with the z7.

i am just looking for any feedback from either.

would be great to hear what you guys think about both cameras.





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actually there is no big differences between s270 and z7. The differences are structural. S270 has a adjustable shoulder strap and z1 has not nothing like that. S270 can record 4 channel audio, on the other hand z7 has two channels for recording the audio. S270 supports and can record on Standard DVCAM 184 m cassettes but z7 only support minidv/hdv cassettes.

but all the operational features of the both cameras are same. but i found z7 more comfortable for shooting.

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I've just shot with a S270, it's a shoulder mounted camera and it was great for hand held. I guess it depends on what you're used to, but it was very comfortable, but light enough for off shoulder hand held shots using the LCD above the viewfinder.

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