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  1. The next Beta of version 2020.1 Revision 119866 is now available to download. https://www.lwks.com/index.php?option=com_kunena&func=view&catid=19&id=212852&Itemid=81 Another build in short succession, this is due to a show stopping issue, so update immediately if you were running the previous build.
  2. In that case I wouldn't use anything smaller than a 100 mm bowl tripod with an associated head. The NPR is a pretty top heavy camera and the only times I've used one we had 150mm bowl tripods.
  3. If short of funds, a second hand or used tripod is the way to go. Which Eclair are you using, the NPR or the ACL?
  4. The next Beta of version 2020.1 Revision 119829 is now available to download! https://www.lwks.com/index.php?option=com_kunena&func=view&catid=19&id=212653&Itemid=81 There were several reported issues in the build that was uploaded earlier this week and Lightworks hopes that this latest goes someway to resolving them,
  5. The next Beta of Lightworks version 2020.1 Revision 119765 on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X is now available to download. https://www.lwks.com/index.php?optio...2511&Itemid=81 This latest build resolves several regressions that have crept in. Lightworks hope to release 2020.1 before the end of this month,
  6. The latest V2020.1 beta ( Revision 119451 ) is now available for download. https://www.lwks.com/index.php?option=com_kunena&func=view&catid=19&id=211925&Itemid=81 This latest build resolves performance issues with H.265/HEVC media and editing MTS files on Linux. Also Added display warning of GOP length in Red/Amber on the import panel if it is likely to cause playback issues. There are also various fixes. Lightworks are looking to complete this Beta cycle within the next couple of weeks
  7. "Star Wars" was an unexpected success, It was shot extremely tightly compared to the way they'd shoot a film these days.
  8. Usually a large number of producers is an indication of how difficult it was to get a film into production.
  9. Copyright exists on all music for a certain period and there are rights belonging to the composer and performing rights. These hold until a certain period after the death of the people involved, so a 1940s country song could easily have a lot of rights still attached to it. For example, in the US Hank Williams songs from that peroid will still be in copyright.
  10. Many cine and B4 video zoom lenses also breath during focus pulls, especially the larger zoom range ones.
  11. Are you paying you or is this a work experience placement? I've worked for companies that I've hired kit from and I've also employed people for my crew who I've hired kit from. It's not that unusual in the industry.
  12. I would test all this out in the rental house, not on the set while trying to shoot the film.
  13. If you're going to go hand he;d with this, that balance point for your shoulder will be ahead of the camera, so you'll need the 19mm rods with a shoulder pad, so that you can balance the rig. 15mm rods would be too flimsy, since they're designed for lighter lenses, not a heavy zoom lens, plus the camera. The mini monitor would be mounted on the front of the lens, not the camera. If you get a good balance, you won't do your back in and can work for longer periods..
  14. I would go for primes or one of the modern zooms intended for hand held shooting., the Cooke is a heavy lens. not intended for hand held work.
  15. The next Beta of version 2020.1 (nee 14.6) is now available to download. https://www.lwks.com/index.php?option=com_kunena&func=view&catid=19&id=209846&Itemid=81 This latest build has only a few fixes to resolve recent issues that have been reported, Lightworks hope to release imminently.
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