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  1. It's a pity that Ilford no longer make motion picture film, they've got an interesting range of B & W stocks.
  2. I suspect the method used may depend on your budget. A good bonnet mount (e.g. a beam type) should be solid enough, however, having the actors driving the car while giving intense performances can cause safety problems. The main issue may be creating consistent rain, which would suggest having the action vehicle on a trailer, with the rainmaker and its water supply on the towing vehicle. An alternative is to use a LED screen for the background and shoot in a suitable "studio" space, but you will need a suitable lighting rig. Doing this would require having access to suitable facilities.
  3. Lightworks Version 2022.2 has been released and is available for download. https://forum.lwks.com/threads/new-lightworks-release-version-2022-2-revision-133968-now-available-on-windows-linux-and-mac.248250/ The new features are listed here: https://lwks.com/lightworks-whatsnew/ They include: Apple ProRes Decode/Encode Certification, this new integration will now work on Windows, Mac and Linux. Supported 10/12-bit Export codecs (Lightworks Pro Only) The new Export options are as follows: AVID DNxHD HQ* (Wrapped as .MOV or .MXF) Apple ProRes (Wrapped as .MOV) Apple ProRes 422 (Proxy) 10-bit Apple ProRes 422 (LT) 10-bit Apple ProRes 422 10-bit Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) 10-bit Apple ProRes 4444 12-bit Apple ProRes 4444 (XQ) 12-bit Panasonic AVC-Intra (Wrapped as .MXF) Sony XAVC (Wrapped as .MXF) Cineform (Wrapped as .MOV or .AVI) Redesigned 10/12-bit (SDR) Decode Pipeline Clip LUT Support.Lightworks 2022.2 now comes bundled with LUTs from various camera manufacturers (ARRI, Canon, GoPro, Panasonic, RED and Sony) giving Lightworks users the ability to display camera manufacturer LUTs. Lightworks Integration With QScan (Lightworks Pro Only) On the same page, there's also a new video guide that takes you through the features on V2022.2. Part of a continuing series of new video tutorials to assist users to learn Lightworks.
  4. The sixth build of the Lightworks V2022.2 beta is now available. https://lwks.com/lightworks-beta/ Features added include more options for Apple ProRes proxy creation (Lightworks Pro Only) Improved inter-project asset copying, including moving the process to a background task Improved speed of WAV exports (Lightworks Pro Only) Increased WAV file export size limit to 4Gb (Lightworks Pro Only) Also, various fixes.
  5. An article on the book: https://www.provideocoalition.com/the-cine-lens-manual-book-has-arrived/
  6. Not cheap, but it looks packed with info on Cine Lenses. https://www.cinelensmanual.com/
  7. There have been a couple of builds over the last week and the fifth build of the Lightworks V2022.2 is now available. https://lwks.com/lightworks-beta/ Features added include an option for displaying the Graticule on to of the graph on the Video Tools panel. 'Reveal system logs' button within 'System Settings, an option to zoom in on the Histogram graph. Added ability to display QScan format events on task completion and improvements to speed up startup when QScan is configured. Also an update to the latest Blackmagic RAW SDK (2.2) Plus fixes
  8. They made useful optical accessories. Things like the adapter that converted standard 16 zooms to Super 16 or 2/3" HD zooms to Super 35, the latter being handy if you're shooting natural history with a RED, when you wanted a large zoom range.
  9. A point to remember with moving lights is the continuity. Of course, this depends on the action and how you're cutting the scenes together. However, there are a lot more lighting options today than there used to be in the past, although the range may be restricted by the budget. Certainly, you should test before you begin filming. I agree about the size of the car interior being important. The first car I shot a film in turned out to be pretty near ideal for this because of its large interior.
  10. One advantage is that there's less traffic at night. It's certainly possible, I've done it on a few films, both on film and video. As mentioned, the main danger is having the actors act and drive at the same time. On these productions, we had the camera mounted on the bonnet (hood) for some set ups and occasionally on the side. On point to bear in mind, you may not see much outside on an empty street when filming in a car, just the street lights in the distance and their reflections on the windscreen.
  11. Just to add, the UK Government has the Film and Television Production Restart Scheme, which works: You will need to check on what each country offers to assist on insurance cover on film & TV productions.
  12. In the UK, they're now managing to shoot a full of productions, without the actors in shot wearing masks. You should check on the current Covid regulations on film productions in Canada. Vaccinations, use of masks plus regular Antigen Rapid Tests should reduce the chances of an outbreak on a production.
  13. The second build of the Lightworks V2022.2 beta is now available, Main features: [url]https://lwks.com/lightworks-beta/[/url] Features added in this build include: 8/10-bit encode options according to GPU format for Apple ProRes, Cineform and Uncompressed, performance improvements for Apple ProRes decode/encode Performance improvements for H.264/H.265 decode Full resolution decode of 12-bit H.265 The ability to generate Apple ProRes proxy files (Lightworks Pro Only) Plus more flexible parsing of user effects files Also, various fixes.
  14. For a short, it's common to get the music composed for it, it costs a lot less. I know someone who got a song cleared for a short, but it limited the exhibition life of the film because of the costs. The copyright lasts after the artist has died, so you have to deal with the estate or whoever holds the rights, plus clearing it with the composer.
  15. It really depends on how the DP likes to work and if the gaffer is going to be rigging and setting lights without the DP being present. Traditionally, they used foot candles on feature film sets.
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