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  1. I gather these were the lenses used: https://uk.panavision.com/products/uk/super-panavision-70-lenses They may have been rehoused,
  2. VFX are not usually a lost minute thing, they are planned in advance. If using VFX software, someone has to know how to use it. It's also usually demanding in computing power.
  3. LOL I've seen them gathering on shorts as well.
  4. Phil Rhodes says he doesn't see C stands in the UK, especially on indie shoots.
  5. Could be you are using it as camera tape, rather than gaffer tape. This is available in various colours. and used for sealing film cans etc.
  6. i assume you mean masking tape when mentioning painter tape, It's not the same quality (certainly not as strong), if wanting cheaper tape the local DIY or building supplier will have cheaper tapes than the gaffer tape you buy from film & TV suppliers/
  7. Depends on what want to use the camera for, The usual use of these cameras would be multi camera studio, events and sports productions. The range of long zoom range lenses make the 2/3" hard to beat for that type of work. You also have the camera matching on the fly by the vision engineer,. so it's comparing apples with oranges.
  8. Samyang Seem to be beginning a range of higher end lenses. https://www.provideocoalition.com/samyang-xp-10mm-f-3-5-a-wide-angle-for-full-frame-canon-and-nikon-dslrs/
  9. Just an update on this subject. I bought Fade In to replace my old Final Draft 7, all the old scripts open on it and use the later Final Draft file extension when saved, so it's worth checking out. Apparently some writers use it for the actual writing and then only move over to the Final Draft when they need to deal with TV production departments and their systems. https://www.fadeinpro.com/
  10. PL mount lens will fit on 16mm cameras with a PL mount. You can adapt Arri standard mount and bayonet lenses to PL mount with an adapter, but not the other way. Some older 35mm lenses have Arri Bayonet mounts, so would fit your camera, . .
  11. 9:16 is used a lot at live concerts, especially if it's one person performing. The video cameras have the frame lines in the viewfinder, I guess they can also use the full 16:9 recording for DVD and streaming services.. 9:16 is OK for portraits, but a weak aspect ratio for anything involving action. Best use is in bus shelter adverts, phones you can turn horizontal, but it's a bit more difficult with a bus shelter.
  12. Anytime I've used an Arri 16 ST, one of the ports was Arri Bayonet.
  13. The screen curtains opening out to 2.40 used to be a big feature of watching scope films., My local multiplex letterboxes the scope films, so they don't have that really big screen look that made them different, fortunately the local art house cinema still has this feature.
  14. I suspect there aren't too many of those people around.these days. Given how easily film people moved over to using Betacams, there shouldn't be a big deal, just think reversal film instead of negative.
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