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  1. I suspect your handle has become worn over the years, so working loose. If you can find a newer one, with less worm components, you will find it to be very firm for hand holding. I changed mine a few years before selling the camera.
  2. Not great, but some Lightworks users do manage to run the program with Intel HD graphics cards.
  3. I haven't tried edit a post in the new site web pages, but in the past there has been only a short time window in which you can edit your post after you've submitted your post. After that ran out, there was no means of editing, you had to add another post with your changes. Looking at my recent posts, the same still seem s to apply. EDIT, That seems to be still the case. The edit command has gone on my other posts, but is still in place here
  4. The workflow may vary form N:E to NLE, but Lightworks automatically selects the highest resolution for your final export when working with proxies.
  5. Lightworks isn't too demanding in it's computer requirements, the internal proxy editing helps with the lower powered machines. It comes from a background of narrative film making.
  6. Jean-Pierre Beauviala has died, he was 82. Designer of the Aaton, he was man who kept improving his cameras. https://vimeo.com/86334994
  7. I gather these were the lenses used: https://uk.panavision.com/products/uk/super-panavision-70-lenses They may have been rehoused,
  8. VFX are not usually a lost minute thing, they are planned in advance. If using VFX software, someone has to know how to use it. It's also usually demanding in computing power.
  9. LOL I've seen them gathering on shorts as well.
  10. Phil Rhodes says he doesn't see C stands in the UK, especially on indie shoots.
  11. Could be you are using it as camera tape, rather than gaffer tape. This is available in various colours. and used for sealing film cans etc.
  12. i assume you mean masking tape when mentioning painter tape, It's not the same quality (certainly not as strong), if wanting cheaper tape the local DIY or building supplier will have cheaper tapes than the gaffer tape you buy from film & TV suppliers/
  13. Depends on what want to use the camera for, The usual use of these cameras would be multi camera studio, events and sports productions. The range of long zoom range lenses make the 2/3" hard to beat for that type of work. You also have the camera matching on the fly by the vision engineer,. so it's comparing apples with oranges.
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