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  1. You used to be able to buy a battery checker with a 4 pin XLR. This put the battery under some load when you pressed a button and gave the voltage. A battery on the way out gave a voltage that crashed when the button was pressed, if in need of recharge it had amber and red LEDs.
  2. Lightworks is based around the film editing paradigm, although there are roughly half a dozen ways you can use it. There's a free version, but its exports are limited to MP4 720p and Lightworks currently can't export ProRes on a PC (I gather it's on the road map). The free version can be upgraded to a Pro license for a month, but you need to cancel the rolling subscription each time, so that it can revert to the free version. https://lwks.com/
  3. Cine tape is the high tech method. Traditionally, the common method is to use a tape measure and put markers on the floor for each focus point, these were either marked on the follow focus disk or on the lens itself. Good 1st ACs or focus pullers can judge distance by eye as the scene progressed and make adjustments if the actors move off their marks. These skills are developed through experience and practice. Cine lenses have expanded focus scales, so that AC can easily see and mark up the distances.
  4. It's rather more complex than this, since it was a ruling that was based on the baker's rights regarding the actual message on the cake, which went against their religious beliefs, and they weren't discriminating against an existing customer because they were gay. You can read the full judgement here: https://www.supremecourt.uk/cases/docs/uksc-2017-0020-judgment.pdf The BBC's legal correspondent adds these thoughts:
  5. There was a legal case in the UK involving a bakery which covered a similar situation. You should read the detail, since it appears to be key to the final decision. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-45789759
  6. The maintenance Lightworks V2022.1.1 is now released. https://forum.lwks.com/threads/new-lightworks-release-version-2022-1-1-revision-132185-now-available-on-windows-linux-and-mac.247651/#post-252350 New features include: Audio 'Routing' tab to allow audio effects to be reordered (drag and drop) Ability to process multiple audio channels when a mono plugin is added to grouped tracks A warning when running 2022.1 if 2022.1.1 has been used (due to OpenFX changes) Improved AVID DNxHD handling to unregister support if license is unavailable Improved audio plugin scanning performance on startup Updated the link to the Quick Start Guide video on the setup wizard Preventing multiple Lightworks Pro/Create licenses from being activated on the same system Plus fixes. V2022.2 is expected early next year.
  7. An aside regarding dialogue in modern films: https://www.slashfilm.com/673162/heres-why-movie-dialogue-has-gotten-more-difficult-to-understand-and-three-ways-to-fix-it/?utm_source=pocket-newtab-global-en-GB EDIT Just noticed that Frank has the same link.
  8. The investigators will test the weapon involved as part of their case. Apparently there are certain scenarios with a weapon's condition which can cause it to fire unintentionally, whither or not that's the case here will no doubt be revealed in the court cases.
  9. When you say sync motor, are you referring to crystal sync? There was a crystal sync accessory that you could attach to the motor housing. I suspect there mightn't be many of those around. There is also a 50Hz output from the camera that can be connected, using a cable, to the recorder. This can be used for the sync with pilot tone on a Nagra, although we used it straight onto a second track on a 1/4" half track Tandberg recorder.
  10. Lightworks Version 2022.1 is now released, combined with a facelift to the main website: https://lwks.com/. There are now are three options: Lightworks Free, which is a simplified version, aimed at beginners or those with more basic requirements for YouTube etc. This is restricted to 720p. This comes bundled with NewBlue Transitions Lightworks Creative, this is aimed at content creators, filmmakers, corporate marketers, government & education and more advanced users. It can export up to 4k, including various social media formats and comes with the NewBlue Transitions above and the NewBlue Titler Pro plugins Lightworks Pro, the fully featured version for professional video editors, broadcasters and production facilities.This offers OpenFX support and comes with NewBlue Transitions, NewBlue Titler Pro and NewBlue Essentials plugins. https://forum.lwks.com/threads/new-lightworks-release-version-2022-1-revision-131437-now-available-on-windows-linux-and-mac.247341/ There are other new features including an update to the latest Blackmagic RAW SDK (2.2), added support for non standard frame rate media, the ability to search within all the Effects categories.
  11. I imagine there will be a number of lawsuits coming from this incident, with a number of claims being made regarding damages.
  12. On one shot on a Super16 short film, the A.C. forgot to stop down the lens on an exterior, but for production reasons that was the required take. The over exposure had to be compensated for in both the interneg and the 35mm print, the shot held up, but that's more of a rescue than a method that should be used. One stop over exposure should be enough.
  13. The 7th V2022.1 beta is now available. https://forum.lwks.com/threads/new-lightworks-beta-version-2022-1-revision-131311-now-available-on-windows-linux-and-mac.247254/ This adds social media playback formats to the list available on sequences together with three new sequence output formats: 'Portrait Large', 'Square Large' and 'Portrait 4:5' with corresponding menu-item for each of them, which lists the social network formats that are compatible Also added are five new export menu formats: 'Twitter', 'TikTok', 'Snapchat', 'Instagram' and 'Facebook' (Lightworks Pro Only) Plus the ability to SHIFT click the effects bypass button to disable/enable all effects on the current segment and to un-minimise audio plugin editors by clicking the launch button.
  14. The 6th V2022.1 beta is now available. https://forum.lwks.com/threads/new-lightworks-beta-version-2022-1-revision-131184-now-available-on-windows-linux-and-mac.247192/ This build adds the ability to show missing media locations on the 'Media->Locations' tab of the project card and avoids creating a new empty sequence when restoring an archive project (Fixed layout). There are also a number of fixes.
  15. I was watching "Paris Police 1900" the other day, the gun shot used in one episode had the smoke and sparks flying out that the YouTube CGI effect guys in Phil's earlier message were trying to create. I assume it was a blank, since there seems to be a visceral realism in the production, but just interesting to see. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episodes/p09tqj2t/paris-police-1900
  16. I used my Aaton on a small rollercoaster without any problem.
  17. Alec Baldwin, said it was a "one in a trillion episode", which is obviously a nonsense claim, given that deaths have happened on film shoots with guns and goes way beyond the safety levels with the airlines. I guess he hadn't thought it out straight before speaking. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-59107040
  18. The 5th V2022.1 beta is now available. https://forum.lwks.com/threads/new-lightworks-beta-version-2022-1-revision-131058-now-available-on-windows-linux-and-mac.247115/#post-249371. This build fixes the memory issue reported on Linux (which was actually cross platform) and fixes an issue adding OpenFX to a mark/park region, plus other fixes.
  19. People have been killed by bullets passing through one person and into another. It was something done by the members of SS Einsatzgruppen during WW2 either to save bullets or as a trick. Admittedly easier with a rifle, but there has been pretty of cases, during wars. In this case, it was fired at close range and so will have plenty of energy, especially if it doesn't strike any bones. In their press conference, the police said that they have recovered a projectile from the director and are sending it to the FBI for testing.
  20. The figure I've seen is $7 million as the budget. How that breaks down in above and below the line is hard to tell, but in European terms it's a respectable amount for a lower budget film.
  21. Compared to some other cameras, the LTR/XTR viewfinders are pretty good.
  22. The medical community (in the UK at least) also haven't taken up the same methods. That's possibly due to a history of litigation, although the common complaint by the people making the claim is that just to find out what happened and trying to make sure it doesn't happen again.
  23. As Phil says, no doubt there will be an inquest on the death and the cause, plus any legal/criminal cases that will result. As with air crashes, hopefully all aspects will be covered, both the safety, procedural and human aspects. The latter in aviation covers the power dynamics and relationships inside the cockpit, which have been factors that contributed to a number of accidents/incidents.
  24. They don't use rounds with bullets for muzzle flash, for close ups, where you can see the chambers they have dummy rounds. There are now a number of TV interviews where film armourers show what they do. https://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow/watch/multiple-mistakes-necessary-for-gun-accident-on-modern-film-set-expert-124420677853 There was a good one on the BBC News channel at 9.30pm last night, but unless you've got iPlayer you probably can't get it.
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