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DSLR Steadicam

Aaron Freeder

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I'm doing a short film in the next few weeks which is going to be made with an elaborate series of long takes.


I currently have a Canon T2i setup, and I'm getting a wide 11-16/2.8 tokina that I'm going to likely be using the entire time with the takes we are shooting.



I'm wondering if anyone knows of a good source for getting a relatively cheap but effective steadicam rig for this little camera.


so far i've found this stuff but its all expensive:




Any advice would be awesome!



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I had the same issue with my Canon 7D. The Steadicam Merlin was a bit too pricey and the Manfrotto Modosteady doesn't support the weight. So I built my own. It's called the Stead-DSLR and it's designed specifically for DSLRs.




More info @: SteadDSLR.com

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I recently shot a scene for a movie with a glidecam 4000 that I own, unfortunately I greatly underestimated the weight of the rig I was using. (5D, canon 17-35 with zacuto rails, ff, mattebox filled with NDs, and a marshall monitor strapped on the back.) It ended up being incredibly heavy and all supported by my weak wrist. Three takes and I was shot.


But if you're just using a DSLR and lens (no AKS), the glidecam 2000 or 4000 will do perfectly well for you. And they're about half price of what you're looking at.



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