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    Aaron is an aspiring creative filmmaker who is looking to become a director in his future.

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  1. Hey all, I was just wondering about some advice for buying a macro lens for my Rebel T2i in which I plan on doing a lot of close-up cinematography in an upcoming short film project. I was interested in buying the Canon 60mm 2.8 Macro http://www.google.com/products/catalog?q=canon+60mm+macro&um=1&ie=UTF-8&cid=13990438197903188044&sa=X&ei=aUBwTZ6BM5P1gAevlYBK&ved=0CFYQ8wIwAg# However I really don't want to drop $300 - $400 for a macro lens that I likely will only be using on occasion, additionally, I always try to avoid using modern lenses because I love having oldschool glass thats full manual for doing video. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on some good (and relatively cheap) macro lenses that more or less compare to the Canon 60mm and of course, are entirely manual (I'm looking for something that falls among Nikon Ai, Sigma, Pentax, Canon FD, Vivitar, etc.) And if anyone is interested in selling me one, that would be awesome as well! Thanks!
  2. I may sound like a total n00b asking this question, but having never actually shot on 35 before I guess this is reasonable to ask. I was wondering why it seems like a lot of cinematographers appear to be walking around and peeking through a bunch of cinema lenses on sets, such as Wally Pfister in this picture: http://www.imdb.com/media/rm3367928576/tt1375666 or Kubrick here (skip to 3:10) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4GMrNTA_HE#t=3m10s I'm guessing they have some type of adapter eyepiece for those expensive pieces of glass, but any info on this would be cool. I can't wait till the day that comes when I get enough money to shoot on an Arri 35 IIC (that's my dream 35 camera atm)
  3. *replying months later haha. i'd definitely be interested in seeing it. do you have any footage?
  4. Hey this looks fantastic. I've been researching a lot about shooting anamorphic on my 550D and I was wondering if you could give me some insight on your exact setup you have (which adapter do you use? perhaps the nikon ag-7200 or what seems to be the more common panasonic models? Did you use oldschool lenses?) any and all info would be awesome if you could share, and great work! also, how did you manage to keep such consistent framing?
  5. this seems like something that can be simulated in photoshop anyway. Although I wonder what it would look like on DSLR video, that would be really interesting... Thanks for the reply!
  6. I was discussing with another photographer recently about lenses and he mentioned he uses a Lensbaby Composer: http://www.lensbaby.com/lenses-composer.php Not exactly sure what this is, but it seems interesting. Does anyone know/have one of these?
  7. Any DSLR filmmakers here shooting at Lolla 2010?? I'm just curious if anyone will be filming/shooting on August 6-8, it would be awesome to collaborate and hear about your plans! I am shooting for a student mag, and I've never shot at such an enormous gig before, so I was wondering if anyone had good recommends for the best glass to use, any additional gear etc. Tell me about your experience!
  8. I'm doing a short film in the next few weeks which is going to be made with an elaborate series of long takes. I currently have a Canon T2i setup, and I'm getting a wide 11-16/2.8 tokina that I'm going to likely be using the entire time with the takes we are shooting. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a good source for getting a relatively cheap but effective steadicam rig for this little camera. so far i've found this stuff but its all expensive: http://www.google.com/products?q=dslr+stea...ved=0CCgQrQQwAg Any advice would be awesome! Thanks
  9. http://vimeo.com/10823996 a short comedy film about losers, deadbeats and trouble making students === //WRITTEN + DIRECTED// Aaron Freeder and Josh Frackleton //STARRING// Evan Fonseca Adam Josh Frackleton - Dan Dan Bateman Sudafed Tim Minnick Mr. Seymour Cory Scibilia - Carl Amanda Yme - Julie Jairo Sanchez-Chavez Mr. Cardigan Joe Shanley Officer #1 Jim Thompson Officer #2 Ross Indyke Student #1 Kyle Kutcha Thug #1 //CREW// Cinematography: Kara Kieffer Key Grip: Zach Heintz Casting Director: Annie Knox Sound Design: Mikela Ost Grip: Alex Carmedelle Gaffer: Steve Darby web.mac.com/stevedarby/ Music Supervisor: Eric Vilas-Boas //TITLE SEQUENCE// Michael Park otagostreet.com/ //POSTER DESIGN// Tim Han Poster #1-2 Silvena Chan Poster #3 Erin Devine Poster #4 //SPECIAL THANKS// Monica Barron VFX Please visit Michael Park's website: otagostreet.com/ Amazingly talented animator and a great person to work with! Shot on Canon 550D 50/1.8 18-55/3.5
  10. ok then a 24mm wide, would barely be wide at all on this sensor? Whats a very good (cheap!) wide prime for the 7D/t2i?
  11. I've been reading about the 1/3 sensor on the 7D and T2i. because its smaller you have to calculate a 1.6 frame crop. (that means a 50mm is actually an 80mm?) I guess I really have my designated medium lens (my cheap $100 50 f1.8) and a standard fairly useful kit lens (18-55 f3.5) Whats a good cheap wide? and a specific 75-135 close up (sigma, tonika, nikon? I may need a converter mount for some of these) Also, what do you mean by "fall-apart" below f2?
  12. Also, the lens you mention is nearly what I have, despite being slightly faster (mines f3.5)
  13. I'm thinking a couple hundred dollars ($400 - $500 at most) I know that's a pretty small number, but I'm trying to be able to eat too. What is an "L" series?
  14. I just bought a brand new Canon Rebel t2i and so far i'm loving it. This is my first DSLR camera and I love being able to use it as a video camera, its a great upgrade from my HV20 which sadly died in the field a few weeks ago after some water damage. Anyway, so far I have a simple 50mm f1.8 Canon prime and an 18mm-55mm f3.5 Canon I'm planning on buying a cheap nikon mount convereter so I can use lenses from my universitie's equipment cage. Does anyone know a great site for getting cheap/used zoom or prime lenses? What's a great lens that you guys have in mind for a video shooter?
  15. You're probably gonna have to be pretty in shape to run and gun with that huge thing! (one of the qualities I admire about my little HV20)
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