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Cool lights 600 led

David Ross

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Like many I am interested in LED lights . I have been looking for something in between the $1600 light panels and the smaller on camera type LED lights . I ran into a Gaffer in Nashville who said to take a look at Cool lights. I checked out the web site and found a few 600 led panels. The are 10" x 10" and according to the photometrics chart pretty bright. The cost was under $500. Has any one had experience with the 600 led and if so is it a decent light. I understand normally you get what you pay for but for $500 it is worth a look.




Thanks in advance for your continued support.


David Ross

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Hi David,


I'm a pretty early adopter of the Cool Lights 600. I have used them a ton. I currently have 5 of them and am looking forward for the 1200 and 2400 unites in development. They are fairly rugged and come with their own shoulder bag which I like a whole lot. It's large enough carry the light, power supply, and a few gels and acrylic panels.


I had an acrylic guy cut some panels so I had some rigid diffusion. I don't have any experience with their softboxes yet however. I have done my fair share of gaffing up some diffusion right over the barn doors.


I like the light that pops out of them, and they have dimmers which work well for subtle changes.


Here's a couple shots of them in action.





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Thanks for your comments Phil. If you get a softbox, you may want to pick up a SPOT version, you will find the softbox works better with them as they are stronger.


What are those two large round lights in the 2nd picture? Just curious.

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What are those two large round lights in the 2nd picture? Just curious.


Those are just two daylight balanced CFLs in china balls. I think 80 watt Enzo bulbs.


The setup worked well for this particular shoot as I was shooting things that needed to remain fairly cool.

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