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  1. google whitehouse Audio visual they are the cp-16 experts
  2. Does anyone know where i can buy or have made a durable soft cast for a Quasar Science style tube. I am not looking for any type of hard case. I plan to store the soft case on my head cart on my truck . It may ride vertical or lay on a shelf. Any thoughts or links would be helpful. Thanks so much! David Ross
  3. You get what you pay for! If you wish to purchase lights pick up a few used Arri's or Moles on E- bay. A lot of people are switching over to LED so now you can get some great lights that will last you a long time for very little money. You will be able to get parts for years to come. A friend of mine bought the cheap knock off's and ended up throwing them away in the end. Buy quality once !
  4. I'm interested in purchasing a Chimera medium pancake light kit. I think I will like to ability to roll down the black fabric to help control the spill. I also like the profile of the light as i tend to shoot in houses and or conference rooms. The system is pretty expensive, however It's made in America and Chimera products are top quality. I have not been able to find another manufacture that makes this style of light, perhaps they are out there but I can't seem to find them. I did find Jem lighting but they seem to be more in the china ball style. Also I'm not a big fan of China balls in general . Anyone know another company who makes this type of top light solution. Honestly I would just like to compare and have options. Any comments would be helpful. Thank you
  5. I'm planning to make up a bunch of new 12/ 3 stingers. I wish to identify each cable with an ID color based on the lengths. I plan to carry 4 sizes they are : 10' 25' 50' and 100' cables . So my question is there some known color system based on length of cable ? And if so could you please share. Thank you in advance for your advice. Kind Regards David Ross
  6. Thank you for your quick response. You mentioned LEX in your post, is LEX a electrical supply store? Also I was able to locate the MCMaster -Carr website but did not see them there. perhaps i wa snot looking in the correct place, However that is an awesome resource -so that you for that. Thanks again for your assistance. Kind Regards
  7. Last year I did a job in Semi Valley and we hired a gaffer and sprinter van package. The truck was nicely outfitted. The gaffers AC stingers cords had these great trick line cable wraps that were housed in a little plastic connector type rig. He said they made these in various sizes depending on the cord type, SJO, SOO etc. Does any one know where i can order this type of cable wrap ? The closest thing i have seen one line is one offered by Barn door lighting that is called: bullet cable tie with clear window. I have attached a screen shot. The problem is that the only size offered is for soow cable and i also have many other types of 12/3 cable . Any help would be awesome . Thank you.
  8. You say a 6' x 6' is that a silk or a solid or what? The answer is yes...maybe with the proper amount of sand bags, two maffers or similar products and hopefully not to high... I understand wanting to keep you package small. Combo stands would be a wiser choice. And if the rig fails and you break something on location.... not good. I have done a few things over the years where i pushed the weight limit on a rig and i have learned that the risk is not worth it. Your call... Thank you and always work safe! DR
  9. I am continuing to put together my lighting package and only purchase high quality professional lights as I can afford to. Sometimes while I watch a high end Brodcast 2 camera interviews on TV they will cut away to a wide shot and show the lights. Usally when they do this quick cutaway I can lock in to identify a few fixtures. I generally see a few Chimeras, Kinos, ( diva, 200, or 400 or 4 x 2) sometimes one or two 1 x 1 leds and a mix of arri fresnels and such. Generally these lights are boomed out with some sort of combo stand as the base support. I also notice a nice array of flags, scrims, and various grip equipment. My question is this: Is there a standard lighting equipment package or list that is required to work at the high end brodcast level to light a 2 person interview. One show that comes to mind is CBS Sunday Morning, SO If there is this sort of lighting equipment list it would be great if you could share it. Also i fully understand the every interview lighting scenero is different but is there a common design or starting point with the way these interviews are lit today. Thank you in advance for your comments. Best Regards David Ross
  10. Hello: I live in the next Ville west of you. You mentioned you were putting together a little kit. I like where you are going with the Arri's, the kinos and now perhaps a Source 4 par. This is one punchy bright light. The nice thing is that you can buy wide, medium, and narrow lamps that will do different beam spreads thus giving you some nice flexibility. I sometimes use my ( ETCSF4) to puch into a white card to give me a hot soft key or fill. Recently i used one high on a triple riser stand geled in CTB to give me a nice moonlight backlight on a scene ouside around a fire. As you build your kit you may also want to consider a few China lanterns, A ETC leko is starting to become popular again. The main thing is to own the lights that get you through 80% of the type of work you do. As long as you have good rental source available to you , rent the speciality stuff as you need it and own the stuff that you always use. Best David
  11. David Ross

    China balls

    OK: It's time to research into a china ball systems. Looking to purchase one our two. My question is should i invest into into a Chimera type system or a Jem lighting system Or simply get a few inexpensive socket holders and some inexpensive China balls from film tools. The paper looking one seem like thy are pretty cheap and would rip up fairly easy. I mainly shoot high end corporate and some regional TV spots,Indy features. However when i purchase equipment i Generally buy pretty high end stuff only because it tends to be a better overall value in the long run. Any thoughts or ideals on what to buy. Perhaps there is another Manufacture that i am not aware of. Also what would be some standard sizes to consider. Thank you DR
  12. Anyone know where i can get two hard 42" x42" reflectors? I really do not care what the surface looks like ( i can repair) as long as they work. Thanks DAvid
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