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looking for classes in SF area

Cida Fukushima

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The San Francisco Film Society offers an array of course in production. This one on the 7D/5DMkII post workflow, which I imagine also includes the ins & outs of the cameras: http://www.sffs.org/content.aspx?catid=11&pageid=2019


They also offer lighting classes as well, instructed by some good friends of mine (someone different everytime, but always someone who understands the craft).


City College of San Francisco also offers a cinematography course which is well worthwhile. When I took it, we only shot 16mm, but since there are no more labs in SF they may be using alternatives, such as Canon DSLR's. Contact John Carlson of Monaco labs who teaches the course, and he could tell you the details: john(at)monacosf.com

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San Francisco State University also had a cinematography class, but you need to be in the "core" production group. Which means going through an undergrad section, producing a project for submission, and then having it reviewed to see if you're up to specs for training. Only a few applicants were ever accepted. Of course that was fifteen years ago. Things may have changed.


My best training came from being on the set and screwing around with regular 35mm still cameras and video cameras off campus. That, and watching films with quality shots and looking at good stills.


Good luck.

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I took several classes at all of the major institutes of learning in the bay area over a 4 year period.

Unfortunately in all classes save one, I found the focus to be painfully dialed into the lowest common denominator.

In my experience, I learned more about cinematography in a screenwriting class! (no longer avail by that instructor)


Unless you have extremely limited knowledge, akin to waking up and deciding to make movies having never held a camera, I recommend a DIY education approach or going to another city - NYC has some amazing programs!


If the desire is to stay in the Bay and pursue film, consider getting inland marine insurance and going to rental houses instead of "film" school. The staff at DTC grip and VideoFax are SOOOO Smart and extremely willing to share knowledge!


Get a hold of Larry Walsh for insurance at:

Hammond Martin Walsh And Smith Insurance Brokers Inc

3749 Redwood Highway # A
San Rafael, CA 94903 -
View Map

Phone: (415) 472-3151

Web: www.entertainmentinsurance.com


Also read these two books, this forum, get a sub to American Cinematography, and go shoot till you figure it out!


Lighting for Film and Digital Cinematography 2nd Edition by Dave Viera (Author), Maria Viera (Author)



Story: Substance, Structure, Style and the Principles of Screenwriting Hardcover – November 25, 1997 by Robert McKee





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