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Preston FI+Z metric focus pulling?

christian mann

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Hi everyone,


I was wondering if one can change the Preston FI+Z to meters or rather if there are pre-printed focus rings in meters?

I got lenses marked with feet but I am pulling in meters so I would like to make use of the "lens mapping" software but if there are no pre-printed focus rings in meters I am lost.

Any idea how to solve this except making my own rings in meters?

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I assume you are referring to a Preston FI+Z 3

If so order the Meteric Rings from preston and switch the Preston to metric.

Select Menu, scroll down till "Lens" is highlighted, the midle soft key should then read "ring", select "ring", this takes you to the "select focus ring" screen, the middle soft key will now read "metric". Select it. Now press the left or back side of the 4 way joy stick which is opposite the run switch twice. Your display will now display where it thinks you lens is set in meters, provided that focus mapping is on. You could also use this display to make your own rings as you had previously mentioned.

Good Luck.

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Witness marks are the distance marks on the barrel of the lens whether in feet or meters. J-Lar is a clear tape that camera assistant's use to make marks on the lens or on a wireless follow focus unit. Whether you use gaff tape or paper tape, tape up the ring with that and(write with permanent ink) start at whatever the lens' close focus is and move to infinity from there. Then put the J-lar on and you can make focus marks on that with a Staedler pen or china marker and be able to remove them easily once done with the shot as water(or saliva on your thumb) will remove the marks. Don't forget to label the ring with the focal length of the lens.

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