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  1. Wondering if anyone can tell me their experiences/opinions. I'm starting a feature in a couple weeks and want to use either. I've used the cinetape a ton and the sniper once.
  2. definitely 58 to pull and 56 to operate, if those are your only choices.
  3. Yes, but make sure production is permitting you; it's their responsibility.
  4. Clip On's are fine. But you'll want something stronger than an Optical Flat. I have production have a company make me Lexan filters cut to 4x5. Once they get dust or a scratch they are garbage but way better than a rock going through the clear and into a Master Prime or Summilux-C.
  5. All Wireless FI+Z systems work regardless of the individual camera. Doesn't matter if it is film or digital. Panavision or Arri, Sony or RED. BUT cables will be different for power and start/stop if it is Panavision compared to ARRI or Moviecam for that matter. But besides that, they are independent of camera body. The WCU-4 will work with any camera if you have the UMC.
  6. I'm wondering if anyone has any info on crash housings for an Arri Mini. I'm not coming up with anything on my searches. Thanks in advance.
  7. I bought the new Large Arri Basecamp last year and I really like it. Although the majority of what i've been working on has been studio so I don't have a good gauge on how it holds up to harsh weather. I'd stay away from CineBags. I have a few friends who hate theirs. My friend has a Panavision one he got while working on a feature in London. I like it. The Arri seems a bit better and you can actually get it in the states. Shipping was ridiculous. Same thing with Mod 51 3mos or more waiting and shipping was as much as the bag. No thanks.
  8. This has helped me in the past. http://www.larryjordan.biz/tips/tip356.html
  9. It would help to know WHERE you are shooting.
  10. Don't know the answer but, this screams of something that should be checked out at the prep. Unless of course production wouldn't give you one, camera flew in that morning etc. I throw/plug every battery on/in each camera at prep.
  11. I'm interested in picking one up, being that it's under $1000USD. I'd like to hear some experiences and reviews. I've searched this site and others(except reduser eff that) and haven't seen anything recent. I'm skeptical about RedRock in general, but have had a decent experience with their non-iPhone wireless focus unit. Obviously Cinetape and Ward's Sniper are the tops and if I could, I'd get one. thanks.
  12. Article on B-Series Lenses: http://www.panavision.com/spotlight/rediscovering-b-series-anamorphic-lenses
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