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EVF for Sony F3

Peter Welch

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Has anyone completed as comparison test with third party EVF's suitable for the Sony F3 camera?.....or would like to share their opinions on systems they have used to date?


I've used our Sony F3 mainly in tripod / dolly configuration using a TV Logic 5.6" screen as a more detailed monitor but am now looking into suitable options for shooting hand held with an EVF? If anyone has any recommendations for flexible shoulder mount I'd also be interested.


This is a big problem as we're all so used to good quality optical VF's or EVF's such as that of the Alexa or even Sony's on the Genesis etc and its now finding the solution for cameras such as the F3.


Thanks in advance.

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Just played with it today - it's brilliant. Personally, I despise the add-on EVF's. For pulling your own focus, the lack of analog peaking control is a non-starter. The ProVFM uses regular B&W HD finders and they look OUTSTANDING. Sharp, nice contrast, and ANALOG peaking control!!!!! Plus the adjustments are logical - fore/aft and in/out without loosening a nova arm and flopping all over the place. it's weird to be so excited about something so common - a standard ENG viewfinder, but in this context of band-aids and legos strapped to the outside of a camera, ANYTHING that makes it more ergonomically friendly is worth celebrating - and in my opinion the ProVFM is way way way beyond successful. Abel had the prototype Element Technica baseplate on the cam, and the combo was very very balanced and comfortable on the shoulder and easy to actually operate! Once I figure out what cams we'll be using for the next project, I intend to order my ProVFM - because I have a hunch that F3/FS100/C300 body style cams are gonna be here for a while and having to use them with someone else's bottom of the barrel eve and mounting is not good for the body (or more importantly body of work)

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