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  1. Budget permitting: 5k + Large Chimera w/full white Typically: Fat Man through tough spun.
  2. You can approach it the same way, but it can't be altered as much because (if I remember correctly) 4:1:1 subsampling. Try to establish as much of your intended look in camera.
  3. Hands down, I'd go with the HVX. It's codec is much more robust. Unless you have some great lenses that are interchangable that you need to tell the story, you'll be saving yourself time and stress by not going with a 60D. There's more to the film look than shallow DOF, in which case it can also be achieved with the HVX by zooming in and backing the camera up. The HVX also captures in 4:2:2 which will give you more flexibility on the back end.
  4. http://www.reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?85625-Preston-FI-Z-2-Complete-(HU-2-with-MDR-2)
  5. Rosco 125 Blue Cyc Silk on 1.5k cyc lights should work lovely.
  6. Throughout the web on various message boards and blogs, I've come across lists of so called "best" cinematography films. Most of the time said lists have nothing to indicate that any such database is any thing other than one person's opinion. I think we need something a bit more substantial. I've initiated a survey in which you enter your top 25 films for cinematography, and then a script compiles the data into a ranked list based on the responses. If you're curious like me as to what our field considers the best, please take a moment to submit your own top 25. http://aridavidson.com/25
  7. I don't know, a lot of that seems like composite shots. The depth, FOV, and light is just a bit off for some of the shots. A few EVF's will allow you to do overlays, making match frames pretty easy. Combine that with some old school camera logs and you'll be in business.
  8. Thanks for the 4k heads up! Baraka is my favorite film, I am SERIOUSLY looking forward to this one. Ron might have to buy up 65mm stock while he resting seeing as it probably won't be around by the time he hits the road again
  9. No, DSLR cannot write to this file structure and will prompt you to reformt the card or return an error.
  10. If your father belonged to any guilds or unions there should be some record of productions he worked on. I'd start there.
  11. (25*(4*4))/(1600*(1/48))=12FC. According to their specs, 1x1 litepanel should be able to do this (http://www.litepanels.com/language/pages/onebyone_standard.php) Good luck, bud.
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