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Rob Smith

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How would you go about getting this sort of grade. Could it be done by removing alot of the red from the image,


if you were doing it in final cut what fx presets would you use? (e.g. colour corrector, levels)


Appreciate any help! cheers





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I use a plugin called Red Giant Magic Bullet Mojo. Its around $50, and a trial can be used for free with watermarks until you purchase the full license.


The plugin includes loads of preset corrections, that can be placed onto the timeline and the footage will instantly look like a Hollywood film.


I did some tests with the trial software on some holiday footage I shot a while back, the result amazed me to be honest :)




Hope this helps


Red Spectrum Pictures

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Remember this also has a lot to do with the art & design of the set and the wardrobe. The sets were probably already blue'ish/grey'ish and is clothing as well. Watch this tutorial, it will tell you about colours in films and how the art department has great influence on the final colours:

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Okay, agreeing with the comment that most of this was Pre Production and Art Design. But as far as actually getting the look in Color Correction is easy. Though you could also do something mostly similar by lighting to a daylight balance and shooting at a tungsten balance.


I would open 3-way color corrector (assuming you do not have additional plug-ins such as Magic Bullet: Mojo, Looks, or Colorista) and drag the highlights and midtones wheels fairly deep into the blues.


Also there seems to be a touch or desaturation in just the mid tones.


Hope this helps and report back with your results.

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