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I am making a film about an astronaut and wanted to use water and liquid photography for some of the galaxy shots like in Tree of Life. I was curious if there are any tutorials online or what's the best way to go about this?



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It's really a serious trial-and-error effort. That's what I've gotten from the various references to how it was done in 2001, and from very modest experiments I tried myself in the Super8 days combining smoke in a clear cube with liquids beneath/behind it. It is VERY hard to scale most liquids in motion to seem big without shooting way offspeed ... look at some of the liquid stuff for folding space in Lynch's DUNE to see how easy it is to go very very wrong.


There are one or two online interviews with Con Pederson -- I think one is on Todd Vaziri's long-discontinued site -- that discuss the 2001 stuff a bit, which was done (uncredited) by a group called FX y'all (!?)... this stuff was all shot before Kubrick even left for England, and helped get the film greenlit. All of the liquids in a cigarette-pace-sized field stuff shot by Alcott years later apparently wasn't used at all, though he discusses his involvement on that in the Cinefex retrospective on 2001 (beware ... there are more than a few errors in that piece, like getting the YEAR wrong when the Dawn Of Man sequence was shot.)


You can look at old CINEFANTASTIQUEs from 1982 to get an idea of how they did the in-tank nebula in TREK II, which is just a variant on the cloud tank stuff in RAIDERS and CLOSE ENCOUNTERS.

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"Capsules" -- first rule listed when you registered was to use a real name, so please change your User Name to real name, thanks.



For some reason I couldn't log into my original account (this one), so I had to make the Capsules account. But now this account is working.

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