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Anyone knows what mount is this?

Thanavorakit K

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I got this lens for sometime now but having no idea what mount is it.




It has only aperture ring, no focus ring. It seems to focus infinity with my GH2 just fine, so there might be a chance to adapt it somehow if I know more details on the mount.


Any idea?

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Whoops, meant OCT19 :)


Not entirely sure though, I'm familiar with OCT19 Lomo anamorphics, not so much their sphericals. But whatever the mount was it's missing! I'll measure the ID of an OCT 19 lens mount when I'm at work on monday. 55mm sounds about right.


If you know the serial number/identification code of the lens a Russian lens expert like Olex could probably tell you exactly what mount it had, and maybe source the missing parts:



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