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Help with intermediate film 2242 or 3242


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Hi all,

I am wondering if someone out there who works at a lab with printing facilities is able to help me out with getting a few hundred feet of colour intermediate film. There are no longer labs with printing facilities in Australia (well, except my own personal lab that is!) I have been been working on an interesting experimental technique that allows me to selectively make areas of a print either colour positive, colour negative or black and white pos or neg. A print from this print stock is too contrasty however. I'd like to try my experimental method on intermediate film. ITs a pretty cool technique, and I'd like to be able to end up with a master negative. Yes, I could print from my 'worked' print stock onto internegative, then make prints from that. But interneg is very expensive, and it would also mean an extra 2 generations, rather than one. I'd like to give working directly on intermediat a go.

my email is richard@nanolab.com.au

it would be much appreciated

many thanks,


Ps I could work with either the 16mm or the 35mm versions.

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42 is an intermediate stock with unity contrast( gamma of ~1). unless your going from a negative or ip the resulting prints would have a very high contrast. You will also need an orange filter to simulate orange base of color negative. Current Kodak interneg 73 is just the 03 emulsion on top of estar base with no remjet. If you do not require polyester base then use 03 camera film. They do sell 73 in acetate with remjet but it is more expensive than 03 and the only difference is the size of roll you can buy.

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These guys are fantastic and have done great work for me:




Check them out. If it's Kodachrome they will process it as B&W negative for scanning. You won't get any color, and that really is your only options left with Kodachrome.


If you send them older color negative film they will process as B&W negative unless you ask them to try color. See their site for all the details.

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