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  1. I would do two stops and a bright frame is your friend for this to push the base fog down. I really love the additional texture of old expired stocks.
  2. Yeah sprocketless and with their 4.6K or 6K sensor and it will be a contender.
  3. I have a friend who has a small shop which mostly does videotape stuff. Ed has a Retro-Pro (15 FPS) and as someone who owns a lab and has five scanners... Spirit 4K, Spirit 2K, Xena 5K, Xena 4K and a Scan Station 5K.... The Retro machine Ed has looks pretty decent and he mostly does 8mm home movies with it, I took a look at what he was scanning a few times I was over there and the machine and scans seemed ok and competent. Until BMD loses the Sprockets and the bad 4K sensor with fixed pattern noise I would not call the BMD Cintel really a "professional" scanner. Also it is very much less than 2K for 16mm. Even Scan Stations with the 5K CMOS sensor have issues with fixed pattern noise, hopefully LaserGraphics will have some kind of program to replace all those 5K chips with 6.5K Sony Pregius sensors. I am amazed at how much 8mm film is out there to support this kind of machine and I think the scanners will just get better and faster and less expensive over time.
  4. Seems like a reasonable price to charge for such a thing, you want a premium and slow to make scan expect to pay a high price for it.
  5. The previous CCD they used had tap balance issues and the 5K is truly a piece of junk, maybe Perry got the one good CMOSIS chip but the basic problems with the FPN on the 5K sensor are fundamental to the design of the sensor which was made for traffic stop cameras. LaserGraphics is not the only scanner manufacturer who traded picture quality for speed, MWA-Nova uses the 5K CMOSIS as do a few others. Also the BMD Cintel uses a junk 4K sensor with allot of Fixed Pattern Noise too. Cheap, Fast, Good .... pick any two.
  6. No trouble for a lab that runs B&W Neg and the scan is just a regular 35mm 4-perf format so any motion picture scanner will scan that.
  7. Yeah the sensors are getting better, the 6.5K Sony Pregius is going into the Scan Station and Xena etc. Low noise and fast performance with great DR and that chip is about $8500 in a machine vision camera. The 6K chip and sprocketless in the BMD would make it a contender. All the digital cameras and all the scanners will be about the same soon 😉 Still think that a true RGB scan like the Spirit 4K or a Director or Xena with a B&W chip and sequential RGB will be a premium and get the most out of a film scan color wise.
  8. I think these are all really valid points, but I know a guy with one of the previous version scanners and he runs it allot for small gauge film for home movie people who also have allot of video tape stuff. I think scanning is on a better for much less $ trajectory and just a half decade ago a sub $10K 2K scanner was a bit of a pipe dream. Did BMD announce anything about the Cintel? Now sprocketless? The Cintel-2 still has the same film transport and I see no sprocket-less options on the BMD web site. I think with a few tweaks that will be a good machine but the 4K sensor in it now is a pile of junk.
  9. If it is Ilford it is B&W and B&W can be run with allot of different chemistry and any lab (like us) that runs B&W Negative should be able to process it.
  10. Looks pretty nice wonder what camera but seems pretty good for the price.
  11. 1965 16mm Plus-X Pan-Chromatic Negative film emulsion 7231 and it was originally rated at.... I am not sure as it does not have an ASA rating on the can... Hmm.
  12. B&W definitely holds up longer than color. I shot some Plus-X from 1966 recently and I shot it as 25iso outdoors and it looked great.
  13. well VHS really did not come into prevalence till the early 80's despite being released in 1977. Films were probably transferred to an intermediate tape format from a Rank-Cintel Mk3 Flying spot CRT Telecine. The master tape (quad, etc) was then sent by a video Distribution Amp to a rack of VHS recorders... Porn drove this effort....
  14. There is a new Sony Pregius 6.5K CMOS sensor just became available and will be making it's way into scanners soon, I assume the Scan Station Kinetta and the Xena will be using it soon enough. The new Sony Pregius line is far better than the CMV50000 5K sensor used allot currently in scanners as much as 12dB better dynamic range and for S8mm figure a real 6K possible scan of the camera gate. https://www.imperx.com/cmos-cameras/C6440/
  15. We see that all the time with the K3. Autoload never worked on the camera well like a Filmo70 or Bolex and most K3's which work have had the Autoload formers removed. Also the pressure plate in those cameras often need to be fitted better to the gate as it can stick and loose the loop. My first 16mm camera at NYU was a K3 and I did a ton of work trying to get the mechanism to run smoothly and not lose the loop but eventually got a better 16mm camera. YMMV on those.
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