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  1. I think the K3 can be made into a good camera it just is variably built from the factory and needs to be post manufacturing finished into a working camera. The Autoload will never work properly though, it is no Rex.
  2. The first camera I bought after NYU was a K3 I still have it, I used to shoot with it but it really has some issues, the advantage is it's a cheap spinning shutter reflex camera and the disadvantage is it's a cheap spinning shutter reflex camera. I don't remember when we developed scanned that but I have seen some "fluttery" stuff from K3's over the many years. It cold be a good-ish camera with some fixes but man I doubt it will ever load as nice as a Rex. The CJ Vid was shot with a Arri SR3HS. And I own a XTRprod which has always been rock solid flicker wise...
  3. This video is 2K I don't think they finish many music videos in 4K in general they requested a 2K scan.
  4. Hard to tell without seeing the overscan of the scanner gate, which is cropped in this pic. Has to be a newer machine which can image the full or most of the film gauge width so a Kinetta or Xena (full width) or a Scan Station (almost the full width) with our Xena I can scan the full 16mm width at 6464 pixels for example.
  5. Here is a Super-16mm job we processed and scanned on the Xena 6.5K this week:
  6. As with all digital things scanning motion picture film was technically complex and expensive and with newer progression of tech like sensors and GPUs scanning is largely becoming a commodity with minor differences between new scanners. The Scannity can make a good scan but it is locked into the older linear CCDs from Dalsa and machines like Scan Station, Xena, Kinetta etc. can just pop out the older area scan camera and drop in the newest sensor for relatively little cost.
  7. With the $9K 6.5K sony Pregius sensor camera probably $50K depending on gates. Call and ask.
  8. They actually had it on the LG Web site as an option for the Archivist but they evidently decided not to make it available and it is gone. It was going to be basically like the Scan Station "Personal" I have with a fixed camera / lens and 35mm 16mm and 8mm gates at 5K 2.5K and 1.2K respectively. They told me it was to be $65K or so. But no longer going to be available evidently. If BMD put a decent sensor into a Cintel3 then that would be a good option for $30K Or have DCS Build a Xena 6.5K for ya, the scans are very top shelf. For example I just developed and scanned
  9. This is what they told me on pricing: It also has the latest Sony 5.3K sensor, so scan quality is improved over the previous 5K camera as well. The 16/8mm Archivist is $40K with software Optical sound and the 5.3K 16/S16mm gate. The 2.5K 8/S8mm gate is $2500. The mag sound base is $2500. Each mag head is $2500. HDR is $2500.
  10. The Archivist has Mag heads for 16mm and 8mm The "Liquid gate" on that other machine has yet to really be proven as working, it is alcohol based and not full immersion.
  11. Actually they will sell you everything from a board kit and software up to a turnkey system either in a Cintel Y-Front - DSX or C-Reality chassis (these were million dollar machines and have better film transports than most new machines) or a fully new scanner. DCS only uses the chassis and film transport from a Cintel machine no other electronics or optics etc. are used. DCS Also offers full immersion liquid gates from 8mm through 70mm (I have 8mm 16mm and 35mm) and you can select your camera (4k through 14K now) It is a more technical system than the LG but has all the advance
  12. Well I talked to the Reps for laserGraphics. The new Archivist scanner uses a newer 5.3K Sony sensor not the junk JAI 5K they used previously. It appears they are only offering the Archivist as a 16mm/8mm scanner now but still if I were you I would cancel that order for the machine you bought and order an Archivist from LaserGraphics, it has 2-flash and the Scan Station does machine vision pin registration which works extremely well and that other scanner does neither of those. Same price the LaserGraphics is vastly superior.
  13. Global shutter has an appeal. The Red is smaller and can be kitted with a small lens and minimal power for a smaller footprint. People who have a Red eco system or other Red cameras for workflow streamlining.
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