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  1. Ok let me know when your sending in, we run ECP (Color Print) and E6 Ektachrome in the same Allen Processor so print runs are usually once a week.
  2. I personally like 7222 and agree that rating it down to 125 is a good idea, but if you need a faster stock I would look at the 400iso Orwo Un74.
  3. We recently rans some 7231 which expired in 1966 and it came out surprisingly well, any lab which can run Tri-X can run 7231 Plus-X as reversal in the same time/temp bath as Tri-X
  4. We use safelights in the print room for bothe color and B&W stocks including 2383.
  5. HI No motion picture scanner software I know of has a facility to ingest a file and export it as you would want. Furthermore none of these software packages will even run without the scanner attached to the computer, LaserGraphics Scan Station, Xena, Arriscan, DFT Spirit-Bones etc. all are proprietary and dependent on the scanner hardware to be there. Have you looked at the Silver Fast software? I think they support older scanners with their newer software.
  6. We run DS8 and I and others who work at Cinelab shoot the format ourselfs, we can run any DS8 perfed film and either slit it or not.
  7. Yes everything but 65/70mm ;-) for now.... We have five film processors and they run as follows: 8mm /16mm B&W Reversal (Tri-X Foma, Orwo as Reversal etc.) 8mm / 16mm /35mm E6 Ektachrome and ECP 8mm/16mm ECN2 16mm/35mm ECN2 (Photomec) 8mm/16mm/35mm B&W Negative and B&W Print
  8. Obviously as a lab we have no control over the pricing of the film stock.... I have encouraged Kodak to try to keep S8 Cartridges under $40 I think the 16mm will be less than 7X the cost of a S8 cartridge or at least I hope so!!
  9. FYI for everyone... We spent the last few months (four or six?) rebuilding one of our Allen products film processors to run E6 This machine was originally bought by Cinelab in 1974 (when in Boston) for running (VNF I think?) Ektachrome. It has been reconfigured over the years to run just about every process from ECO to ECP and B&W. this machine has allot of tanks and is now configured to run ECP (Color Print) and E6 and it is RUNNING!!! We delivered the first Ektachrome S8mm rolls yesterday and we can run 8mm 16mm and 35mm Ektachrome in the machine.
  10. With low light (low density) negative you will not see allot of difference between the Spirit, Scan Station and the Xena HDR really. Allot of the advantage of the HDR Xena (And the newer series Spirit we have) is in the ability to handle the density (remember for negative that is the darkest area of the film) without showing electronic/sensor noise in the scan. I think I suggested in an email that you have Jeff at Du-All camera take a look at the K3 as he knows them well and we will credit the scan for another test so you just pay processing and shipping. -Rob-
  11. The job was a camera test for a K3 (which has some issues) a 1080p scan on the spirit or a 2K ProRes scan on our Scan Station would have been equally effective to look for camera issues, a HDR scan on the Xena especially to DPX was overkill. I will offer credit to do some more camera test scans as we try to support and encourage people who are trying to get up and running. Also we delivered our first roll of Ektachrome today so we are up and running E6 in 8mm 16mm and 35mm.
  12. Jeremy We just charged you for what you asked for when you filled out the order form. We run 35mm and 16mm as soon as it comes in and there is a 1080P option on our DFT Spirit that is $65 for process, prep and best light scan which would be free to upload. In general we assume that people who ask for a 2K HDR scan to DPX frames know what they are asking for and the pricing is pretty clear on the price sheet. We limit upload sized to under 20Gb unless prior arrangements are made because we have so many small 8mm and 16mm jobs which we upload and larger uploads take time and bandwidth. So we have to get those DPX files back to you somehow and a 64Gb USB3 thumb drive is what Bill charged for. I am sorry we do not have the staff to call everyone with a small order to check and see if the order form is what they want but we get hundreds of small jobs every month 100ft 200ft 16mm and single rolls of 8mm in addition to larger jobs it would be impossible to call everyone and also get the work done. FYI your film is developed so we can send the roll of developed and prepped film back, scan it to HD for the $65 price or to 2K ProRes for the $115 price and upload either the HD or 2K ProRes files.
  13. Sorry but in order to stay in business we and everyone else have to charge some kind of minimum charges for small orders, we try to balance things as best we can. We do not upload DPX sequences to DropBox or Google Drive because 100ft of 2K DPX is about 50Gb We have a small nominal charge for uploads larger than 10Gb and I think Pro8 charges $10 per Gb so..... 50Gb would be $500...YMMV I worked pretty hard on the price sheets and the table on the first page has clear tables for HD and 2K process and scans by the foot for smaller than 1200ft jobs. The order form requested a 2K scan to DPX and Bill charged for a 64Gb Thumb Drive to put it on we will change that to ProRes and upload it which will save $32.00 We have had allot of work this month and have been really involved with getting the E6 process going by rebuilding the Allen Processor we are running it on, which was bought new by Cinelab in 1974....
  14. Yeah no technology humans have invented has ever really disappeared and certainly there is quite a demand for film and as long as there is human civilization there will be film. Kodak is doing ok and there are now several other film manufacturers. And people are building new film cameras. And on and on.
  15. Do you have an A&B roll conformed? What is the picture master? How long is the film? Send me an email to rob at cinelab dot com
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