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  1. When I had my LTR54 it had the three plastic guides like those in the pics of this LTR7. I had an overhaul done at Abel on the LTR54 and the guides were replaced with round pads. My LTR54 was a pretty quiet camera either way. You can remove the feed spindle by undoing the flat head screw and check the pad under it and see if it is deformed or if something got caught in it. Looking at your video I think you may have too long a loop. I measure out 13 frames in the loop when I load and have done that on the LTR and now my XTR.
  2. Hi I have a Spirit-2K and a Spirit-4k and a Scan Station 5K and a Xena 6.5K so all the scanners.. The late gen Spirit HD/2K/4K are all the exact same machine under the hood with a few boards as options and have 2K/4K CCD arrays. They make excellent scans and are a true RGB scan with a CCD linee for each color. They were never designed to be able to see outside of the image area and cannot be modified to do an overscan. Newer scanners like the Xena the Scan Station and Cintel etc. use off the shelf sensors and have gates which can see more of the film gauge or the entire w
  3. We have published rate cards on the Cinelab web site. I just updated the Student and Professional cards: Cinelab-Student Rate Card 2020.pdf Cinelab-Pro Rate Card 2020.pdf
  4. Also be aware that scanners like the BMD Cintel and the Scan Station will not scan 8-Perf (VistaVision) so a film you shoot in a 35mm SLR which is 8-Perf will be cut in half in the scan.
  5. If you put it in the refrigerator you can wait months or even a year or more with no appreciable effect on quality.
  6. There are so many S8mm cameras it is hard to really get a scope. I have a few nikon R10 cameras which are fantastic. I also have some small cheap S8 cameras which are also great.
  7. Yeah I have shot with me LTR and XTR on their sides and no issues, just mount them right so not to damage the camera.
  8. Sounds interesting! Would be great to update the electronics in a really nice mechanical camera.
  9. I like the global shutter allot, looks like a little nice camera I kind of want one.
  10. The Alexa classic is a thirsty beast and I have shot a bunch of B-Roll stuff with it to ProRes internal and ArriRaw with an Odyssey7Q and to SxS cards with just the EVF mostly using Anton 120Wh batteries and I don't think I ever got more than an hour from a battery.
  11. Depends on the scanner and or telecine and also how it is setup. These kinds of artifacts are from FPN (fixed pattern noise) in the sensor and show up in dense negative typically. The hilites are the densest part of the negative and they translate to the shadow area of the sensors response. Think about black shading a RED camera for example. So if there are noise issues in the sensor that is where they will show in the negative scan, and that is why film scanners need very high quality sensors with low noise. A BMD Cintel with its 4K cmos sensor or a Scan Station with the 5K CMO
  12. I have an Aaton XTRprod (no Reg pin) and a few bolex and B&H (Eyemo Filmo) 16mm and a 2B and a 2C they all make very steady images. I also recently got a PhotoSonics 1PL 500fps capable pin reg 16mm camera. Scanning registration has improved greatly, what used to be telecine has been replaced by new optical machine vision registered scanners. Here is an example of a dual pin pulldown dual pin registered 260fps 16mm on the PhotoSonics shot scanned to 3.4K on the DCS Xena 6.5K: And shots with the XTRprod scanned on the Scan Station to 2.5K: One pin
  13. I personally think it looks really nice, I would tread lightly with grain reduction. Grain is not noise it is how the picture is made in film and I feel that the NR tools which are commonly available are not very capable at "grain management" like the DVO tools in Nucoda for example. If you use neat video I would put it on a node and selectively target the shadows and not degrain the whole picture.
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