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Fake rain on windscreen of moving vehicle


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Hello everybody, I'm new in this forum :-)


I'm organising the making of a short film and, for a scene inside a lorry, I need it to look like it's raining outside.


Browsing the web I've bumped into this topic, which I found really interesting. I've read that a possible solution (when you don't have a water source) is to use a watering can and connect one or two garden hoses with sprinkler rings. I though that then I could spray the water from the trailer over the front of the truck... the wind should then do the rest.... but apparently watering cans don't work that well, because they rely on gravity.


Does anyone have any experience with this, or have any other suggestions?




PS. The lorry would actually go downhill for the whole scene and the rain would have to last for about one minute.

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I believe home depot has some containers you can presurise with a pump that comes with it. It's pretty cheap. I've seen it used for blood fountains.


Thanks. Even though I live in Italy and we don't have 'home depot' over here, I'll have a look in some shops that sells the same kind of products to see if I can find anything.

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