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  1. I learned about Sodium process from it's use in Mary Poppins. It's a brilliant solution to Matting and Disney should have used it more since they kept it to themselves. I love the inventiveness of optical techniques.
  2. I went thru something similar. I created a PDF of a legal form letter from me and they responded the next day and paid what they owed me. It's nice to get paid for your work tho. Darrell Ayer
  3. I saw a breakdown of all the movies he's lost to over the years and every one of them was deserving of their Oscar, it's just bad luck. It's just a perpetual near miss until this year. I'm very glad he won, I can't wait to see how his work continues to push the envelope.
  4. Gaff doesn't know about the dreams. The fact that she's a unicorn because of her memories is what draws Deckard to her, and Gaff also understands how unique she is. It's just a symbol. This works with and without a the "dream", which i always thought it was added to drive the point home. This is why Gaff yells, "too bad she won't live." Gaff leaves the Unicorn to say that's why he didn't kill Rachael, because he understands how rare she is.
  5. I interpreted it that he was dreaming about her.
  6. I never considered that it was Deckard the Unicorn referred to. I always thought it was Rachael. She's a replicant with memories and therefore the experience to develop empathy. It would be something that Gaff would also know from an APB posted after she escapes. Even when he was dreaming in the special editions, it could represent how he finds Rachael unique and starts to fall in love with her. It always seemed pretty straight forward to me. But this is just my opinion. I'm gonna miss the anamorphic flares but I can't wait to see the world thru the eyes of Deakins. He's got the mood down pat as far as I can see.
  7. You would want a 50/50 for what you are attempting because you can more easily balance your exposures on both sides. I would try to smaller in glass because of the $$$ and get closer to the lens.. shoot thru the mirror to your subject and reflect your miniature. You can probably put a matte behind the mirror with a cut out for your subject and put a flag to block out the place on your minature so actors can be ^projected^ on it. I bought a 4x5 inch piece and it cost 35 dollars so i am sure the 18x18in will be quite expensive. It is optcial glass so I don~t think you would have any issues with ghosting or refections, like you would with a regular mirror, it~s what was used to do this type of work back in the day.
  8. I havent yet built it, but it was the most even loss. 1 stop to camera 1 stop from the light. I just need to finish building it. Im sure I will post it when I do.
  9. http://www.stereoscopicmirror.com/ I was able to pick on up to do a blade runner effect, i have yet to build the thing but the glass was perfect, shipped in a great level of protection.
  10. That was the first use of CGI in film too, "fun fact"
  11. http://www.theasc.com/ac_magazine/October2016/Westworld/page1.php Here's the article on Westworld from American Cinematographer
  12. David Mullen, just answered a quiestion rolling around in the back of my head for a long time. Thank you sir.
  13. Also don't discount the use of diffusion filters on the lens. Many of these soft flares are just halation from the filtration used.
  14. I love a lot of interesting placement, like behind a book case. or between the building supports and the window at the beginning of episode 2 when the business guy looks out. I need to continue the show to look at more of it's visual style. I feel that it's interesting while not distracting. I doesn't feel overly superfluous
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