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i love you & goodbye (short film) photos in motion

Eric Castillo

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Here is my newest short film, ’i love you & goodbye’. Photos in motion, consisting of 4,733 pictures. A relationship between a young couple, from the first I love you to the dreadful goodbye. Let me know what you think!




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I like the basic idea for the form, but it feels a little randomized and becomes to feel un-modulated. A more conscious, deliberate manipulation of the rhythm would have been worth exploring. Without that we feel more locked into the surfaces. Imagine some "stills" that are held longer, allowing more exploration for the eye, some more emotional potency, some contrast with the other rhythm.


Also, sound has just been used as a backdrop. So overall there is not great direct emotional impact. Someone who has just had these experiences recently may empathize, will find the emotional value even though it's not so directly offered. For me I felt a bit locked on the surface. I was left feeling that you were a bit locked onto the surface. What did this love actually feel like? Who was this girl? Hard to tell really.


Good effort with the exploration though. Well done.

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