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Sylvania Sun Gun Movie Lights

Rudy Velez Jr

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I recently purchased two Sylvania Sun Guns, I mainly shoot on the following:


Bolex 5120: Super8mm

Bauer C5 XL: Super8mm

Krasnogorsk 3: 16mm

Canon Scoopic: 16mm


The Sylvania models are:

The Sun Gun I and II models


Is there a safe way to use a diffuser with these bad boys?



I am interested in the Sun Gun made by Slyvania that is both a flood and spot light. What can these features offer me??




I know these bad boys can get dangerously hot. Is there a way to take a device that plugs into get power into an outlet and make it plug into a portable battery?


Also whats the deal with these things: Cine 60 Sun Guns?


How would LED lights effect super8 and 16mm filmmaking? I recently held on for a friend who was shooting with Canon 5D or 7D not sure but it was fun and I enjoyed shifting the temperature and viewing the viewfinder of the camera to see the effects when I shifted the temperature knob.



I would like some advice and general input from this community.

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The Cine 60 Sun Guns are battery powered, I believe you can get 12v, 24v or 30v lamps for them. You'd need a suitable transformer to power a low voltage lamp, just be careful of ensuring a qualified person does the wiring.


Film has more colour space than the 5D, so any flaws in the LED's spectrum are going to be more obvious. Cheap LEDs tend to have colour rendering issues. http://tech.ebu.ch/Jahia/site/tech/cache/bypass/events/pts2012/cache/off?id=17370

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