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Hey guys,


So I remember reading about an auto focus system that can be used with any lens system even on extremely long lenses, but I can't seem to find the thread anywhere on here. If I remember correctly it worked with conjunction with cine-tape or something like it and would hold the focus as long as the subject was within a specified area. I may be remembering this wrong but I know that I read about it somewhere and wanted to see if I could ply the vast knowledge of this forum to refresh my memory. Thanks in advance.



Peter Klopfenstein

1st AC / Junior Camera Operator


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Hello Peter,


I remember there was a system call Light Ranger by Preston Cinema Systems. It was used to capture some of the super-telephoto/high frame rate/shallow depth-of-field shots in the film Without Limits about the legendary American runner, Steve Prefontaine. I found this link to an a September, 1998 American Cinematographer article that mentions the System:




I'm not sure if they still have the system available, but you can try contacting Preston directly. http://prestoncinema.com/index.html


Hope this helps.



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