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Krasnogorsk K-3 LENS

Tin Ojeda

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i have a k3 and just have a regular 16 but I have read that if you do upgrade to s16 the focal length on your meteor lens will start from 23mm-69mm, mind you, you have to get the lens remounted and the lens mount altered for super 16mm. For some reason s16mm doesn't cover wider angles. At least that is what i have come to understand about it. Perhaps there are some prime lenses that can do s16mm, but they will be pricey.



on a side note: I have found a peleng lens to be a really awesome to use on the k3. If you get the russian m42 or just any m42 teleconverter you can then use it and the lens will turn into a 16mm lens( i used a 2x, but there are 1.5x), i have shot with it but have not yet had the film processed and or telecine'd, its been in the fridge for about 2 months now(i am not sure if the lull will have an effect on the films overall image quality, its just test footage anyway.) when I get it developed and transferred I will post it and share my results with my k3 comrades ;D


there is also a zenitar 16mm lens, that comes with 3 rear filters, ( a new peleng 8mm lens might come with 3 rear filters I wouldn't know, I purchased my lens second hand, it came with a 4/2lens adapter, which I never use)


I am curious about the following lenses on a k3:

the helios ( I think these lenses come in 85mm and 50mm focal lenses, dont quote me, but I like the design of these lenses and am interested to see how sharp they are, I have a feeling they are quite nice and under appreciated)


although my next suggestion might not work, probably the rear of the lens collides in a not good way with the shutter of the camera but this is just my pessimism kicking in because how cool would it be if you could mount the MTO 1000mm lens which is m42 mount to the k3 and then you can do astro-cinemotgraphy, LOL. Dont forget there is that tele-conveter so the 1000mm becomes 2000mm lens, but again this is assuming this bad boy can be mounted to a k3 without the rear lens hitting the shutter in a bad way.(If you search for the lens, you will come across someone who did that with a canon digital camera, great video.)


I wonder if those bayonet 20mm wide angles are like for people with the bayonet mount k3s


There are apparently great 1.4 50mm lenses ( i am not sure what this translates to in 16mm but they say to just double it) that are m42 that are featured on Pentax cameras. So look for 35mm slr pentax cameras that are in primo condition and then you can grab two great tools for the price of one: a dope 35mm still camera and a sharp lens for a k3, again i have just only "heard tell" about these lenses working on a k3, i have yet to try.


- rudy

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