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  1. For Sale . UN OPENED FILM Kodak super 16mm 250D vision 3 . 400 ft.. Untouched roll from a music video shoot 2 weeks ago . Kodak 250 vision 2 . few years old , its been on my fridge since i bought it Kodak 200T vision . not sure the year but it's been on my fridge since i bought it . 300$ for the 3 or best offer
  2. For Sale . CANON FD 300 f/2.8 Lens w/ PL Arri Mount C300 C500 RED EPIC Pretty good conditions , few chips and scratches on the body , glass has some internal dust , no glass scratches .. wont affect the image . Includes a 1.5x and a 2.x extender , hood , front and end cap . 2 filters , uv and circular polarizer .. works perfect $1300 , or best offer .
  3. Zeiss Super Speed MKII 12mm T1.3 Prime Lens - PL MountGlass is on great conditions , no scratches , dust or fungus This lens is very popular with RED Epic high speed shooters as this lens covers the 2k format with unparalleled vintage glass for a economic price. This lens is perfect for Micro 4/3 cameras, Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera, BMPCC, or any M4/3 camera. Asking for $1800 free shipping
  4. Zeiss Super Speed MKII 25mm T1.2 Prime Lens - PL Mount + Zeiss Super Speed MKII 12mm T1.3 Prime Lens - PL MountGlass is on great conditions , no scratches , dust or fungus Also Matte + 85A glass Pelican Case included If u are interested on just 1 lens please message me . For price message me . free shipping Here's a link with the pictures of the package https://www.dropbox.com/sc/w1fovpjslb5hpo5/AAAIntM0vzhM8kok1s7NdrwUa
  5. Arriflex SR super 16mm Body 3x 400mm Mag Hand Grip Shoulder Grip 2 Battery Chargers Rods 2 Eye Piece + Extension Pelican Case
  6. FOR SALE I bough this Arriflex SR3- Super 16mm Film Camera owned by NFL Films few months ago , i shot a music video but sadly i have to let it go for personal reasons .. The camera works amazing and it was Maintained by their Camera Technician through the 2013 football Season. . The package comes in a Black Hard Pelican Case and includes operating instructions. Includes everything on the picture .. plus an extra mag PM me for price or more details ..
  7. Where did u get that base plate ? thanks
  8. Hi .. I have a Bolex EBM super 16 as well as an ARRI SR with a bunch of PL primes ... Been looking all over for a C mount to PL adapter to be available t use my ARRI primes on the bolex , not a lot out there but i had an idea C mount to Canon EF to PL adapter .. The lens will prob fit but will this even work ? Will it be in focus ? Thanks so much Tin Ojeda
  9. Hi .. im thinking of getting this lens for my Super 16 camera to shoot some surfing .. will this lens be 180mm in a super 16? or will it double the size since its a 35mm lens ? Is this a sharp lens ?
  10. i have a 300 FD 35mm cannon I’m using with my new super 16 .. thinking on getting a 2.x extender from Century .,.. before i spend the money do u think it will decreases the sharpness a lot ? i saw some videos on youtube with cheap teleconverters on digital camera and those images are freaking ugly ahhaha .. I know it will loose 2 stops of light but I’m more concern about the sharpness of the image .. this is the 2x .. and its pretty expensive .. does anybody used this before ? Thanks !
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