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Flicker / roll issues with iPad screen on film?

Matt Irwin

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HI all,


I'm just curious if anyone has shot an iPad on film and has encountered frequency sync issues. Any flicker / roll / etc?

Do I need a video sync box? (can I even use one with an iPad....)


The project I'm prepping is 2perf 35mm on Panaflex GII or Platinum and there is talk of iPad screens being built into some key set pieces....


I'd test if I had time and budget to, but.....



Thanks in advance.






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You shouldn't have any problems, LED screens have enough decay time in the phosphors to minimize flicker issues. I've only shot scenes with iPads on the Alexa so far, but we didn't see any issues even with a 90 degree shutter (it was for a dance scene in "Smash"). If the iPad scene is not on Day One, then you can shoot a quick test on your set on the first day just to be comfortable.

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Is there any possibility to 'do it in the post'? Just thinking of reflections as well. If there aren't many shots, should't be a big job to matte out and replace with content. I'm sure you've talked this through though.



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