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For Sale: Rare Arri 3C Super 35

Richard Joneleit

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I purchased this Arri 3C in the big Otto Nemenz auction around the middle of last year. I did a registration test with good results but have not had a chance to use the camera.


- Arri 3C Camera body with PL mount port cap, body (magazine) port cap, accessory mounting bracket, Super 2.35 ground glass (could be Super 2.40, not sure) in shipping case.
- Cinematography Electronics Crystal Motor Base (could also be used with an Arri 2C)
- Arriflex 3C Crystal Handgrip Motor with screws and gear in plastic cup.
- 6x 400' Arri 3 mags in 2x 3-hole mag cases
- Jurgen's Orientable Video Door for 3C with Sony Color CCD camera.
- Wide Angle Eyepiece (no rubber eyecup is included)
- Arri grease
- Arri Hand Held Door for 3C


NOT INCLUDED: Rubber Eyecup, Power cables for camera motors to battery, power cables for Sony Color CCD, Balance Plate Top, Dovetail, Rods, Batteries, Lenses, etc.
If you're not familiar with the 3C, you could think of it as the final refinement of the 2C before the Arri 35-3 came out. It has a more sturdy hinged door, unlike the metal prongs which held on the 2C door to the body. That design was never intended for the weight of a Jurgen's door and I've seen a few 2C bodies that are wearing out where these prongs grip. The 3C came from the factory with a PL mount, and it has a very nice crystal handgrip motor which is often sought after since it works just as well on the 2C. Something else I like about the 3C, they have a variable shutter, something that's hard to find on a 2C. The 3C also has a rosette for mounting accessories, right by the inching knob. The 2C doesn't have that.

The 3C movement is the same as the 2C movement and motors, mags and of course ground glasses are interchangeable.

The 3C is perhaps best know as the camera Arri made for the film "Das Boot" in the early 1980's. This means this camera isn't nearly as old as most 2Cs floating around out there.

I know of four doors made for the 3C, although this package only includes two:

Arri Orientable Door (which I've seen can be modified into a video split door)
Arri Hand Held Door (included)
Arri Straight Door (with optional anamorphic desqueeze module)
Jurgen's Video Door (included)

I should note, the door type is hinged, but it is not interchangeable with the Arri 3 door. The 3C doors are more rare, as not many of these cameras were made. Also, please see the picture with the note about compatibility with certain lenses due to the PL mount being centered for S35 (as opposed to Academy).

Available for only $1,600 O.B.O!!! Available to see in Montebello through Tuesday 12/3. If that's too soon, I can coordinate another time for a relative of mine to show it to you since I'll be heading back out of town. For convenience, preference will be given if there is a buyer in the LA area who will pick up in person and pay cash.

More pictures on flickr!

Please send me a private message if interested.

Thanks for looking!

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