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Dual Channel Mic Pre-amp for BMDPC

flavio filho

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Hi everybody.

Am not a sound guy, and my knowledge is very limited. But I'm putting together a nice gear set for my Black Magic Pocket Camera. And now I'm on SOUND.
I've bought the Rode NTG2. And now I need advice on a cost-effective PREAMP.
I've found the PULSE DUAL CHANNEL AMPLIFIER: http://www.astounded.com/pulse-mpre-dual-dual-channel-microphone-preamplifier.html

And might 'sound' crazy, but I've got the idea to use this pedal as it might be a good solution: http://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Behringer-PB100-Preamp-Booster-Pedal/6BK?origin=product-ads&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=&utm_campaign=PLA+Behringer&utm_content=Yb7xhCqt|dc_pcrid_39000656599_plid__kword__match__#full-des


I wonder which you would advise me. Or any others, since they could be poewered by a 9V battery, making my kit really portable.
I'll shoot a documentary, so sound quality is primordial. I know from various posts the sound input in the pocket camera is very low. So need gain/amplifier.

Also, I need to buy the CABLES, and I wonder if I buy them BALANCED or not balanced?

Thanks everybody. Appreciate if someone could help on this as I have to buy this soon before travelling next week.


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Hey Tim.

Thanks a lot for your inputs!!!

Do you mean, to record from the MIC directly to this recorder, INSTEAD to the BMPCC through a preamp?
WOuld it give better results, REGARDLESS the preamp I use? Is that it?

I've read not so friendly reviews on this Tascam... But if you recommend, it might be a cheaper/effective solution. :)

Please let me know. I wouldn't be able to afford more than this now, really.
Spent more than $3000 days ago... BMPCC and accessories.... wow.

I'll be researching through this weekend for the best solution. This preamp needs to sit on my shoulder rig well too. So, there's a couple to consider. I;d like something portable, but that could give great results... I mean, doesn't need to be spectacular as that SoundDevice one you posted first... But it would have to be GREAT.
Thanks a lot for your help so far!

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What is the difference between spectacular and great? I would think you would want your audio to be as good as possible. The Sound Devices mixers and recorders are expensive because they sound great, interface well with video equipment and are constructed to function in demanding conditions without failing.

An inexpensive digital recorder like the Tascam might work fine. You have stated you are not an audio specialist and yet you are rushing to assemble an audio kit with limited resources and knowledge at the last minute before a project next week. You probably won't have time to test your new gear well. Have you considered hiring an experienced sound person with gear for your shoot?


I'm glad that you have turned to Cinematography.com for advice, but please recognize that you are setting yourself up for technical problems in the field when you cut corners using unproven, untested gear.


Additionally, the resale value on pro audio equipment like the Sound Devices MixPre is very high. You could resell that on ebay in six months for 80% of the purchase price.

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Hi Tim.


I'm actually trying to do the best with my money, of course. ANd I'm close to get there.
my project ain;t next week, I have to travel next week, so I have to buy the accessories.

I'd go for what you suggested, but for the price of that recorder, I might get something like this:


The think is, I already bought the Rode NTG2. And having the Tascam DR40 for the same price isn't it waste of money (a bit?)

I mean, both are "recording". But the Tascam can STORE the audio... What you mean is to connect the NTG2 to the Tascam DR40?


I understand what you said, and sound is not my metier. But for now I cant afford a sound person all days I'll be shooting. So I'll learn from what I can, and when the project gets somewhere, for sure I'll hire someone.

Thanks, Tim.

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Wow. Thanks for that! Shame I've just ordered from B&H. If I oy have seen it before!

Great stuff. Bere goesmy last question. This Tascam is "quite" portable. Has 4 channels.

But what would be the main difference from this and a HANDHELD one like the ZOOM H4N for example? This onealsorecords 4 channels.

Then I can make up my mind and go for the bes one for my case.

My intent is to have all I need to shoot a doc or drama anytime I need.

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Check this out: Tascam DR-60D 4-Channel Linear PCM Recorder




Even comes with Plural Eyes if you buy through B&H so you can sync up audio easily



Hey Tim.


Just wanted to thank you for the Tascam finding.

I bought it. :) Didn't try yet, but will soon.


All the best. Have a great Xmas and New Year.




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Yeah, I know. Filmmaker with NO budget :)

I'm considering getting this: http://www.astounded.com/pulse-mpre-dual-dual-channel-microphone-preamplifier.html

As I still need to buy the Balanced cables.... Do you reckon this one would work well?




I have used the Pulse MPRE-DUAL preamplifier in the past with Blackmagic and can tell you that it's waste of money. Noise level is not as clean as described and this thing literally eats 9v batteries (I was using it with rode ntg2 powering with phantom pawer).

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