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  1. Robert I know of the turn arounds. But having it in camera would be much easier and faster.
  2. Thanks for quick reply David. Yes it's gonna be a shot of people sitting around campfire. Is that orange look bad?
  3. I don't think so sir. I'm Ukrainian originally. There are good Ukrainians as well as good Russians. There are bad ones.
  4. Hello sir, welcome. I'd black out the windows from outside and re light it so I have more control over it. I don't think you need tons of lights for this scene.
  5. To me it looks like 35mm. Not sure what stock as I guess it varies from scene to scene. Something tells me they used 500T and others.
  6. I know how FPN looks like, and this is definitely not a noise.
  7. Steve even when underexposed it should be black, or grainy. It shouldn't show sensor lines.
  8. So here's a deal. Need to shoot night exterior scene in the forest. There will be fire. I have a choice of using Kodak 250D or Fuji, similar speed. The challenge is that we don't have enough lights. However I have T1.5 lens. I was thinking going natural, rather than trying to light it. Is 250D sensitive enough?
  9. Hello everyone, what do you think is it possible for Blackmagic to release a piece of software to convert Cinema DNG files into CineForm RAW?
  10. Hello world :)

  11. Hello, I'm shooting a promo video soon and have to decide between shooting RAW or ProRes now. Shooting outside, in the forest. Natural light. That's why I want RAW, but I can not afford luxury of TBs of space, have only 2TB hard drive. Expected to shoot 4 hours of footage. So I need to save as much space as possible. So I have this in my head, tell me if it's a good idea: - Shoot RAW - Import RAW files to Resolve, do basic correction and recover details, export as 2K ProRes 4444 - Import 2K ProRes into Premiere and do the final edit, export as ProRes 422 I'm worried about picture quality. Once I export out of Resolve 2K ProRes 4444 there will be not much I could do to change that file later. Any advice? Thanks.
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