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Light sources of film scanners (Spirit, Kinetta, etc.)

Virgiliu Braescu

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It's not that difficult to do. LEDs will typically require active temperature control and optical monitoring, as otherwise their output alters too much with temperature. This is not difficult given modern microcontroller technology - even something as elementary as an Arduino could do it. I assume it's probably been done.



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The Kinetta and most other modern scanners use LEDs. So do the Lasergraphics scanners.


Couldn't say who manufactures them myself, I think most of these are highly customized by the scanner manufacturer - at least, the LEDs in our ScanStation are not off-the-shelf, as far as I know.


Perry, would you mind taking a photo of that area with the LEDs? Any reasonable mobile phone should be good enough.


Sorry for asking but in my country there is no lab at all.

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