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Joseph Eckworth 2014 Reel - Please rate!

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Hey Everyone!

I put this reel together to use for a few job applications, mainly in the self shooting/editing film maker kind of category rather than a legit DP (which im definitely not!)


Its mainly a mix of DSLR and S16mm stuff
Id really appreciate some feedback! As I've no idea what people want to see in a reel!


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Hi Joseph, in looking at your reel, what type of work are you seeking, DP/VIdeographer, Director ???

What are you showcasing, short films, stop motion, shorts ????

Normally, in my opinion (been in the biz 15 yrs), Producers/employers might only see :30-:45 seconds right off the bat, they might not stick around for the entire reel...I would only put the very best shots, highlighting lighting, lens choice to sequencing...


here's my reel, just for reference:

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Some really interesting, fun, colourful and unique work in there Joe, the black and white burning crosses material is the real standout for me - I'd suggest opening the reel with some of that.

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