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Buying a Super 8 Camera

Brian Rose

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Simple question for a budding Super 8 oficianado: I've looked on ebay for a good super 8 camera, and I've seen some brands like Braun Nizo, Beauleau (sic?) and Canon. Based on all of your experience, what are the best Super 8 cameras out there? What about for under five hundred dollars? I would love any help.



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Five hundred dollars will allow you to win most Super-8 Camera auctions with the exception of Beaulieu 7008, Leicina, and perhaps the Canon 1014XLS. I recommend reading the eBay Auction descriptions of Super-8 cameras for sale. You can also check out the completed Super-8 auctions of the previous month to see what the amount of the winning bid was for.


As a very general rule, the bigger the zoom ratio, the more features packed on the Super-8 camera.

The zoom ratio can many times be determined by the model number. this doesn't always apply but perhaps it does 75-80% of the time.


A Canon 814-XLS has an 8-1 zoom, the Canon 1014-XLS has a 10-1 zoom (with a 1.4 maximum f-stop opening). A Nizo 800 has an 8-1 zoom. An Elmo 1012-XLS has a 10-1 zoom with an f-stop maxium opening of f 1.2.

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I've mentioned this recently in another thread...in my opinion, The Nizo 801, 801m and the Professional are perfect for someone who is serious, yet just starting with Super 8. It is such an easy camera with great features, manageable and balanced in the hand, available on eBay regularly and you can get one for about $200.


The other camera that has been recently discussed on this board is the Nikon R-8 and R-10 which has a claw mechanism that stablizes the image. Other cameras lack this kind of built in stabilization as Super 8 never used a pressure plate, unlike other "professional" movie cameras.

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