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  1. It's all about perspective. That camera cost around 800.00 back in the mid 80's, adjusted for inflation today that Canon Camera would be worth 3,500 dollars. So you if you bought it for 500 bucks, spending 300 to 350 dollars to fix might not be that bad of an investment. Plus, once it is repaired by an actual Super-8 vendor, it pretty much means if you were to sell it, you may get serious buyers because you actually have proof you had work done on the camera. You may also advise Spectra that down the road you might want to put it on sale and perhaps Spectra gets a call from someone looking for that camera. Just trying to give you some additional ideas on why it may be worth paying someone who can possibly fix the camera.
  2. The film you had processed is Negative Film. It will need to be transferred to a video or digital file so that the Negative Image can be turned Positive.
  3. When one is shooting super-8mm in indoor low light situations, one may be able to get away with just using manual exposure and either keeping the f-stop wide open, or maybe stopping down to f 2.0 just to get a bit more overall sharpness. Another consideration, shoot at 18 frames per second, but with the normal shutter. Shooting at 24 is a good idea, but if one then uses the slower shutter speed that is going to induce more blur both if the camera is hand held and from the action within the frame. So here are two options to consider. 500T, 18FPS, f-stop 2.0, regular shutter. or, 500T, 24FPS. f-stop 1.4, slower shutter. Sometimes the slower shutter speed can induce a strobing effect, especially at 24FPS. If the camera was showing an end of film message it could mean that the motor was bogging down. Always use fresh batteries. I once got something like 20 to 30 rolls of film on one batch of lithium double A batteries.
  4. Spectra Film and Video may have experience with repairing these cameras. Wasn't it difficult to take apart the camera? I recall visiting with a technician who explained that there are dozens of soldier points that have to be unsoldered to get the camera open so one can analyze the circuit board and such.
  5. This is Super-8mm we are talking about, so a workable wet gate system that takes out any scratches can still be a significant improvement since any abrasion is enlarged considerably more than if it occurred on 16mm or 35mm. I recall Film and Video Transfers has offered wet gate in the past. I do not know if they still offer it however. Films just processed and then transferred immediately probably don't need wet gate, films that are unspooled over viewed on a viewer might benefit from wet gate. After determining how used or unused the Super-8 film is for purposes of wet gating, another consideration is how many splices are within the footage. If we are talking about a splice every 50 feet, then wet gate is an intriguing option to have. If a person has an already edited film with many tape splices or even cement splices than wet gate becomes a less desirable option. And on a side note, make sure you have Super-8 reels with a bigger hub as that tends to provide a smoother transport than using 50 foot reels.
  6. Did anyone end up submitting a video entry?
  7. Tongal is a community that primarily caters to the advertising industry by using social media to allow registered users to come up with the next great idea or production. Tongal has both a production category and an Ideation category. It is free to join and the prizes on the production side are usually into the thousands of dollars. On the Ideation side, not as much prize money but there is some money and prestige in having your idea selected as a winner as there are usually 500 to a 1,000 entries on the ideation side. Anyways, for those of you who use ARRI cameras, check out the Tongal / ARRI Contest, you could win an incredible prize package and there are multiple prizes. Since the pitch phase has already passed, you can still enter as a wildcard which basically means you read the rules and see if you have already worked on a production that would fit well with the goals of the contest. I could see a few members from this forum being among the winners, The contest closes Nov. 3, 2017 at Noon, so there is time to submit an entry.
  8. This place sells still film type stuff, maybe call them and see if they can point you to a place in Montreal. http://www.lozeau.com/ B & H photo in New York is really good at shipping stuff same day out as ordered. It's too late for today which is a shame because you probably could get competitive 2 day shipping rates. Spectra Film and Video in North Hollywood might be able to get it out today if you call now. 1-818-762-4545
  9. It's always good to have a piece of film with the same type of sound on it as your present film that you KNOW is not distorted, and see how that sounds. If the previously played back piece of sample 16mm sounds ok now, then maybe there is problem with your film. If the sound is distorted on the sample piece of film that you know from prior projection has normal sound, then you probably have a projection issue or downstream audio amplification issue. If the projector has a headphone jack by all means check that out and also check where the volume dial is set to and slowly move it around and evaluate.
  10. what about zooming in so the gel goes out of focus, does that minimize the overall affect in the area of sharpness and color correction?
  11. Could you explain if this was a project for a band or something you did on your own?
  12. Two things to consider. Some really cheap productions know to its important to do solid crafts services and meals and will go out of their way to tell you. What would be interesting to do would be to look back on "free projects" from the past few years and see if anything became of those projects.
  13. Here's the actual quote from the second link I posted above...."But I also shot a whole lot of Super 8 film that's all over the film. I have a Nizo camera with a Zeiss lens that I adore. Lots of DIG! & "Join Us" were shot with that camera as well. I felt it was the perfect textured look for BRAND: A Second Coming, so I shot more Super 8 on this film than ever before. Russell liked the look of it too and always gave me a little more when I was shooting it too." - Ondi Timoner
  14. Just found this link that confirms the Russell Brand Documentary had a significant amount of super-8 footage shot with a Nizo Super-8 camera and Zeiss lens.
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