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  1. I was watching Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist and noticed the conversation dialogue sounded "off". The actual songs that were sung sounded great, but the dialogue tracks almost sounded like they were recorded with a thin mask on the actor's face. I decided I was imagining things until the next show came on, which was "Good Girls". Absolutely spectacular dialogue recording, so much better than Zoey's I have to ask, does anyone know what might have happened? My theory is Zoey was using wireless lavalier mikes that were buried inside the actor's clothing so deeply that it sounded as if someone ha
  2. We've reached the point where someone can shoot something in wide mode, then digitally zoom in to create the digital reality / illusion of a magnificently tracked telephoto shot. I think it's a sad day for cinematography when a wide shot can be manipulated to such a degree. Am I wrong? Digital Zoom in makes wide shot look like an amazingly shot telephoto shot. Not only is it a magnificently manufactured moment, one of the women let go of the flag when it was firmly in her grasp and it was probably not noticed because in wide mode it's not that evident, they trick shot manipulate it into
  3. We were shown this film in High School during a class! Was Space 1999 shot on video? I was pretty young back then but I remember it seemed to look like video and felt very un warm. Apparently Martin Landau was offered the role of Spock but turned it down. I think he thought the character was one dimensional.
  4. This definitely looks like a sync issue probably caused because the device is not able to playback the tape at the same speed the video was recorded at. If this was a VHS recording it might have been recorded at the four hour speed and some VCR's may have trouble playing back that speed. If it was a HI-8 recording then I would still suspect the playback device cannot playback the tape at the same speed it was recorded at. Are you sure this is a Hi-8 tape and not an VHS-c tape? This looks like a VHS-c tape recorded in the four hour mode and the playback machine is not able to play back the 4 ho
  5. The idea behind fast forwarding the tape in search mode is to see if the image clears up or not. If the image clears up then it possibly means there is a clogged head when playing in real time but for some reason does not clog the image when it is searched at a faster speed. I am not sure how you can have the tape play back at a slightly faster speed but the sound is in slow motion. If other tapes have worked fine AFTER this tape has been taken out of the machine, then your next alternative is to try a third and fourth Hi-8 machine and note if there are anomalies, if they happen in exactl
  6. why not use a digital still camera to photograph the problem so we can view it?
  7. Any Production company with integrity should never make a P.A. choose between a minor car repair they suddenly need for their car versus having some spare cash for meals for a week. P.A.s are sometimes asked to pick up something or deliver something of value, it seems shortsighted to not supply a daily meal and crafts services so the money they saved from not buying meals for a couple of weeks might instead go for basic maintenance for their car, or to catch up on a smart phone bill.
  8. The smart production companies that can't afford to pay for a meal will have a really nice crafts services spread and somebody watching it over it at ALL Times to ensure flies are not getting into anything, the sun is not suddenly lighting up the craft services area, nor the wind suddenly disrupting the contents. The idea is crafts services works well at the beginning of the day, for drinks and snacks throughout the day, and then the last 4 hours of the 12 hour shoot in lieu of a second meal. So besides the one meal the crew is paying for themselves, the crew should be well supplied with drin
  9. I cued this Barbara Bain link up to a specific spot for those who can appreciate lighting versus glamor lighting the lead actress.
  10. Hi Stacey. If you dad doesn't mind experimenting with unopened tape splice packages I would suggest doing a search on Ebay. Wurker tape splices, and see what comes up.
  11. Allan Daviau came to CSUN and spoke to a packed room of 250 film students in the mid 80s when he was in the midst of a very busy career. Very generous of him to do that.
  12. If you have to take into account what time of year it is and how far South or North the sun is. In the U.S., shadows get longer and the days get shorter during the winter, so the result tends to be more contrasty shots. Your filter cuts the light by about 2/3 of a stop, which is a good thing for most daylight shooting with 200T. Here's are some experiments you can try. With your camera set to auto exposure and the film cartridge in the camera, switch the filter setting in and out while looking through the viewfinder to see if the f-stop setting moves. If the f-stop moves, t
  13. Your point is valid, why is that lever there? If you feel brave enough, run the camera and gently turn the lever and listen to see if it the lever creates a mechanical sound. Also see if it affects the auto light meter in any way. I am going to guess it might somehow be for manually changing the f-stop? Maybe a fader?
  14. I have some good news and some bad news for you. The Good News is you have what is probably a one of a kind after market add on. And the Bad news is, you have what is probably a one of a kind after market add on.
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