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Please provide feedback on my video (it's VERY noobish, but I want to get some basics down)

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Hello there!


FIRST OFF: WARNING; I am complete NOOB in this field so expect to see something really bad. I am just posting

this to get some basic feedback on how to present myself on video (how I should stand, look into the camera,

how I should move my face muscles when I speak and so forth), some lightning changes, editing changes, etc.,.


My purpose of shooting video is appearing as a "spokesperson" (so yes, I am definitively wearing the wrong outfit).


I will get better clothing, another mic instead of the one inside my camera and a complete white background

since my camera has "wrong" color sampling 4:2:1 for using green screens (if I understand things correctly).


I just wanted to try to shoot something and edit some in Adobe Premiere Pro CC to get some feeling.




Film was shoot with: Canon LEGRIA HF G25 in Cinema Mode (a button you can choose; this one, auto or manual mode).


I also used two softboxes which is why you see two shadows (and I added artifical lightning in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, just to play around).


I added used "expander"-preset inside "Dynamics" which is an Audio Effect in Adobe Premiere Pro CC to cut away all background noise

which the camera otherwise pick up. I'm deciding on whether to get a shotgun microphone or TRAM 50 lavalier. What are your suggestions?


I am also curious on how to do with the lightning, how close or far away I should be with the camera so I can use the "rule of third" (standing

in the middle just look like a poor mugshot if you ask me; my room is about 3,5 meters wide where I stand; yes I will shoot in my apartment).


I will also get some simple lightning above my head so I can "pop out" of my, upcoming, white background. Feel free to give harsh but well-meant

suggestions on what I can change 'till my next video besides the obvious clothing, hairstyle, added make-up and such. I am very excited to hear

from you professionals and highly experienced film- and/or promotional video makers. And yes, you may laugh your butt off at my bad video! ;-)


Take Care & Have An Awesome Day! / Max K.

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