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R-300 LED ringlights

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Well I certainly wouldn't use that based off of their demo video on the site.


CRI is kind of useless for LEDs, but generally anything undo 90 is unacceptable.

In my own experience all LEDs tend to lead to pretty poor skin tones, and strange color casts on people-- so matching them with the rest of the lighting in the scene can become problematic. The best ring-lights I've seen are the Kinos-- though if you're looking to do something on the cheap, those Rope Light Christmas Lights (non LED based) can be pretty fantastic, if you can fab up a way to mount them 'round the camera lens-- and very cheap. They'll be a bit warm, which works well on some skintones-- but you can also easily gel them as they're incaescent and pull really miniscule power (i wonder if anyone ever tried to battery power something like that as well-- certainly could be done with a battery belt with a 12V cigarette adapter and an inverter)

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