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  1. Highly recommend pushing for a wardrobe test day. and a makeup test day. it will effect all of that. . .
  2. If you want to kino-form factos you're used to, you'll be looking at Quasars which are in Kino Housings. If you want something everyone loves, you're looking at a skypanel S60 -w- chimera Or you can go lite-geat litemats. The 4 and 2L especially
  3. Depends how you want to quantify that. Truth be told, the camera that the studio is already set up to use, and everyone knows how to use, is generally better than a new camera everyone has to relearn and which needs to be rewired/built into the studio workflow. And dynamic range and color reproduction aren't really that big of a deal when you have total control over the set in the very flat lighting those types of shows involve.
  4. In china-balls many people wrap lite-gear LED ribbon around, say, a toilet paper roll's cardboard core, and throw that up in in a china ball. I have done it wrapped around the Styrofoam spheres you buy at arts and crafts stores to make a solar system and you can then use a D-Tap adapter to power it up off of a camera battery, or if you want, buy any 12V batterypack you may need.
  5. Actually I kind of liked index cards, personally. especially these: https://www.amazon.com/Oxford-Self-Stick-Premium-Weight-61400A/dp/B073SFFC9C
  6. When we had to do coke it was, I believe, infant formula. And yes, the actress did snort it-- though I do not think, generally, that is what is done. It was a long time ago. As for the burning-- that didn't seem to be a problem given how quickly you light and then stop-- Though I do wonder if you could prop it just right to combine a small vap-pen in the pipe somehow and then you just put the torch close to it.
  7. Well when we had to do it we used a real crack pipe which we bought from amazon. It's called a glass pipe. For the crack we used rock salt, but we didn't actually burn that. I honestly forget what we used to actually be smoked, but I do recall we covered it in a cut and I think just replaced it with herbal cigarettes.
  8. Instead of building a whole frame as a square you just use one section of the pipe attached to a stand; basically forming a T, if you can imagine that, and then hang your cloth from it. Only really works for interiors where you don't have wind and the like and just need something put up quickly.
  9. I tend to always keep track of my own hours and fill out my own time-cards as I really don't trust anyone else to handle that.
  10. I am sure The Rag Place can make that up http://theragplace.com/ I've seen 4x4s of such material before, and asked for it on occasion; but honestly, normally on a 4x4 frame we're doing gel cuts. For interior work I much like a 6x6 or an 8x8. Normally we'd just T-Bone them, no need really to build a whole frame. Depends on the space, of course. Sometimes we need to use a 12x12 T-bone, even if it's just a living room.
  11. Wouldn't an Alexa Mini tick pretty much all your boxes? It seems to be the go-to for owner/ops.
  12. So? You like what you like. Your style is your style; it will evolve over time.
  13. The red one renders obsolescence obsolete.
  14. Honestly; I would say go with Litegear. It's known and people will use it.
  15. I would say the one downside on the BM side -v- the Arri side is reliability. That isn't to say that the BMs are less reliable; rather it is to say that an Arri is perceived as being far more stable of a platform.
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