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  1. Which apps? I would love something to help me unify skypanels, spectrums, and titan/Helios colors/gels through blackout with regular geld hmis and tungsten.
  2. Hey all. I haven't been on a phantom in a long time but I may have a gig with one upcoming. That said I'm a little concerned with phase and flicker. I'm planning on 10ks and skypanel 360s in high speed mode. In that case do I need to worry about running them on 3 phase? Will the decay time on the 10ks filament save me the headache? Any gotchas with the 360s --aside from no dimming in high speed mode? We are going up to 1000fps but could probably get away with slightly lower if there's a way to save worry. Thanks and hope all is well with all.
  3. Tyler, are the parking areas still open up in the national forest? Been meaning for a good hike and do enjoy it up there. I've been re-readying poetry. Also, as I love sci-fi, somehow got hired as a consultant for a little bit of money, on a sci-fi pilot a friend of mine is creating. Basically helping them with the more science-y things of it. Still trying to finish ST:Picard as well, but it boils my blood a little bit. Also have been cooking again, which I really haven't done much for myself in years. Last night as pork-chops in a dijon wine pan sauce, tonight is spicy ramen with mango roasted chicken.
  4. Those two are Mogul base, though. Do they even make a Mogul to Edison adapter--- I know they have an adapter to decrease Mogul sockets to Edison but haven't ever seen the other way around.
  5. You can't buy a Panavision, and in truth, I don't really see the benefit of owning a film camera. Like any mechanical thing, the up-keep can be problematic. I used to own film cameras. I miss them, but honestly, much easier to call up a house and get a package you know is in good shape and repair.
  6. I wouldn't buy off-brand no-name lights. Save up, get a litemat, you really won't regret it. There hasn't been a shoot I've been on in recent memory where they haven't come into play.
  7. We just went into Hiatus until mid-april due to the state of emergency here in Oklahoma. So... looks like I will be flying....
  8. I have an 858. I hate it, only because it feel it takes me longer than with the scroll wheel. It's just my own pet-peeve (though I love that it's normal batteries). However, as for the touch screen; It's fine. As in OK. I don't LOVE it, I don't even really LIKE it, but its not like it doesn't work or has cause anything more than minor annoyances of "clicking" instead of using a scroll wheel.
  9. Get higher wattage bulbs than normal (say PH213s) and then throw them all on dimmers and dim them down. That's really what it looks like they did in the image.
  10. Generally, i've only ever seen/done it, at cost.
  11. Generally it's off of rolls, and charged by the foot. Were they sheets, I'd charge by the sheet if it's modified. But you should mention that before hand and get approval from production. If they say no; then sorry, no cut.
  12. pretty soon all shooting will be as such: who needs a gimbal when you have your head. . .
  13. We had one of the cheaper carpet style lights out on a shoot. Not my choice, but I was glad to see it. IT WAS AWFUL. The output was fine-- everything else was horrible and painful. And then the ballast caught on fire. And that was the last time they were used.
  14. Did you try ghost loading the dimming circuit with say a 25W or 40W tungsten? Found that can help sometimes with the sudden on/offs of quasars.
  15. Well then you need to think about what topics interest you that you actually care enough to write and research about.
  16. We could; but you should honestly be speaking to your professor about guidance as they know you as a student better than we do. And honestly, coming up with the subject matter is really part of your homework as a whole.
  17. is there a world where you get 2 alexas and see if one of them isn't. .. funky.
  18. There's a chance I'll be on Sk4s/S4s on an SR3 in June in Chicago, via Panavision, if we go that way I'll report on the VF issues as it was something I was told was problematic years ago, so never tried.
  19. They certainly could flicker, or worse be out of sync. Easiest way to test would be to see it on a camera with a 1/48th (or 50/th) of a second shutter speed, assuming you're shooting 23.98. And then messing around with shutter angle to see if you can get them to go away (172.8 degrees vs 180 for example).
  20. Balloon lights are kind of the way to go, and actually might be much cheaper than S360s/rigging gak and especially in time. As you're inside I believe you can use far less helium than if you were outside-- and perhaps even can use air instead if it's just the inflate the thing and it is tacked, somehow, to the ceiling.
  21. I mean is there a world where you try this for a test on a go-pro really quickly; or similar. The newer ones are pretty ok and you can counteract the wide-angle look as well if you are finishing below 4K ( in camera)
  22. The night work was fantastic, no doubt. But yes, the rapids (which looked rather computer-ish) and perhaps the fire-side "chat" scene felt a little.. eh. Then again; what do I know. It's not something of the caliber I would ever do, or really, honestly, be interested in doing in that style.
  23. I agree with Mr Irwin above. Saw it, it was technically fine, but when I asked all my friends after the name of ANY character in the film, none could say. And honestly, after the final "scene," I walked away with nothing more than a want for a cigarette. Just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you SHOULD do something.
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