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Guest Lukas

Hello! this is a question regarding the quality of the filter against the quality of the lens...


Its spring and Im getting so excited to start filming non-black and white (Minnesota is monochromatic for 8 months a year regardless if you like Gaspar Noe or Ingmar Bergman)


anyway enough chip talk, I recently found a Rokinon Cine Prime 1.5/35mm lens for my Canon Rebel T4i, looking at filters now, I would normally just get a set of norm. filters cause its like either 18.00 for a set or 300.00 for one filter ;/ never was one for online decisions so I like to ask around. Plus, this is the best lens I have ever had and I dont want to cheat it or disgrace it for fear of it getting back at me on set.


I know that Ideally I should get glass filters that are at least of the same quality as the lens itself. What do some other cinematographers think? In school I took it all for granted having infinite supplies, and now that I am slowly building my own closet of fun things I dont want to be constantly replacing things or degrading products coupled with lesser quality products... It seems a bit like Christi Yamaguchi figure skating with butter knives glued to stinky old tennis shoes...


what filters have you been pleased with that are also relatively cheap? Anyone use this lens with specific filters to great result?


anyway, love from MN

**(obscenity removed)** the magic hour, spring is the magic season,


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