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How to Replace the Arri III Intarnal Battery?

Eduardo Fierro

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If you open the camera door you'll find a small dime-sized disk near the rear on the bottom. The plastic cover can be removed with a coin inserted into the slot. Clean the compartment contacts with a pencil eraser and replace the cell with one of these models: TR-133, TR133N, TR133R or Px-21. They should be readily available from Radio Shack.

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Guest Chainsaw

Eduardo! :o


Damn man, it's been ages. I heard that you wound up back in Miami, plenty of worse places to be. It's good to see you around here, plenty of worse places than this too. :P


Keep fighting the good fight little warrior.



p.s., How did Sex and Guilt (I think that was the title) turn out? Heard you shot it on the discontinued 5620 640T Teleproduction stock. I'm curious what results you got out of it.

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I was wondering if that were you!!!!!!!

:D .

Well, Yes Sex and Guilt.

It came out great.

But, AUDIO IS a Pain in the Ass!!!!!

Dude Where the F..... Are Youuuu!.

I saw MR. Dave Rob, in the celia Cruz Funeral he was taking Pixs.

And I was Doing two cans of 250D and 435es and a Zoom Angelina.... jejejejejjeje

Walking all around, It was freaking heavy.

check the trailer, and I just shot 640T on the party where its darker feeling for the drunkness part of it.

But mostly shot, 5298 also discounttinued..... SUCKs ,Such a Beautyfull Film Stock.and 5246D


hey good to know you still around!!!.

Keep in touch...!


Eduardo Fierro :blink:

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