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I shot this music video recently for the band Amber States. It's the first thing I've shot with the BMCC and it's also the first time I've used Davinci Resolve. I love the camera (quirks be damned!) I've grown fond of Davinci too even though it had me pulling out my hair with frustration. I'd like to go back and re-grade the video some time because I got some lovely footage but I think I hurt the quality through lack of experience with the software. Anyway enough waffle, here's the video:



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Great look, kind of "filmic" except where the sun gets blown out.


DaVinci is a strange beast when you first get into it but investing in learning the software will pay off quickly. Seems like you've already got it down from the look of the piece.

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Cheers Will. I graded this piece so many times. In the end I ran out of time and had to just accept that I needed to hand it over and be done with it. I could have tinkered with it forever!

Yeah I noticed the sun a few days after uploading. I'll definitely go back and fix that.

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Nice work! like the colours, it's looks like you used a chocolate filter, but I guess you just did all the colour grading in post.


What lenses and lights did you use? Did you do both directing and cinematography?


also wonder where the beach location is? so many beautiful beaches in England that are still unused for filming :-)

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Thanks! Yeah I did everything in post and did both the directing and cinematography.


I just used an old Nikkor 50mm 1.8. It's possible I may have used a Zuiko 24mm f2.8 but I don't recall now.

I used natural light and street lighting when possible. I also used a cheap yongnuo led video light to help

out on some of the night footage (this was a mistake!). The steampunk room was lit by a projector in some

of the shots and by cheapo unbranded quartz video lights in the others. I also used these video lights for the bed

footage (although a friend helped me light the bed scene because I couldn't get it looking the way I wanted).


You're absolutely right, there are loads of unused beach locations! I was surprised by this location myself. The beach is Formby beach which is

in the north west, not too far from Liverpool.

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